10 interesting facts about the Silver group

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10 interesting facts about the Silver group

Group "Serebro" – Russian women’s pop group, which was formed in 2006 by Maxim Fadeev The first serious performance of the group was held at the contest "Eurovision Song Contest 2007", where the group took the third place. Currently, the composition of the soloists is:

Olga Seryabkina

Tatyana Morgunova

Ekaterina Kishchuk

Of course, for the whole period of existence, the participants have gone through a lot. This article contains the most unusual facts about the girls of the group.

1. In the rider of the group there must be a pack of sweets

For soloists of the group "Serebro" The obligatory point in each rider is the presence of at least one pack of chocolates "Raffaello". It is worth noting that at the beginning of his career, girls were writing a pack of butter and biscuits "Jubilee".

2. The girls came up with their own vocabulary, which only they know about

Another feature of girls is the availability of their own vocabulary. However strange this may sound, the group’s soloists have a dictionary of their own production. It is also interesting that girls use words and sentences from this dictionary absolutely every day, communicating with each other. In this case, the soloists do not tell anyone about the meaning of the invented words.

3. "Serebro" sings only live

At all performances, the members of the group use only live sound. No phonograms.

4. One of the participants was hired by the ad

Marina Lizorkina, one of the first members of the group, was found by Maxim Fadeyev on an ad on the Internet. The girl left the group in 2009.

5. Olga Seryabkina loves to look into other people’s windows

But another member of the group, Olga Seryabkina, simply adores looking at other people’s windows. For this, the girl even bought high-quality binoculars.

6. After the performances, the girls hold parties in the rooms

After each performance, the girls do not go to rest, but, on the contrary, they arrange loud parties in hotels.

7. One soloist arrived specially from the USA

In autumn 2013, a new member, Daria Shashina, joined the group. For the sake of participation in the group, the girl came from the United States, where she lived before.

8. The most popular clip of the group scored 7 million views in a short time

In 2011, the girls decided to make a video for the song "Mom Luba"7 million views in less than a month. Many songs of the Silver band are becoming mega popular hits. According to Music Nur last year, songs of the band were listened to more than 50 million times, and clips on Youtube in aggregate scored more than 100 million times!

9. Maxim Fadeev wanted to close the group 10,000 times

In one of the interviews, the producer of the band admitted that he wanted to close the group 10,000 times because of constant disagreements. But he did not do it.

10. The group is popular even outside of Russia and CIS countries

The popularity of the group extends far beyond our country. Single "Song # 1" entered the top charts of Great Britain, Latvia, Denmark and Sweden.

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