12 instructive quotes from “Billion”

To the end of the third season Billions remember the most slashing quotes from the series – on the fight against enemies, the rules of doing business and, of course, money.

12 instructive quotes from "Billion"

A good matador does not try to kill the full strength of the bull – first he waits until the bull is stuck somewhere with its horns several times.

Your buyer is not your friend, a fitness instructor does not expect your progress, and the charitable organizations to which you give money do not respect you, but create such visibility.

Being a billionaire is the same as being a woman with perfect tits and legs to the ears. You know exactly what everyone is looking at and what everyone wants.

Miscalculation is not something to laugh at. It’s a tool. This is a tactic. And I use this tactic often and with pleasure.

If you can not understand something to the end, it does not mean that it’s wrong, but it means that you did not use all your strength.

The only one who can be more dangerous than an enemy without limited resources is an enemy who has nothing to lose.

People manifest themselves best when they feel that they are appreciated.

Who has money, he spends. And whoever does not, likes to spend billions on others. But this is charity.

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