13 things that make the house uncomfortable

There are a lot of things in our homes that we consider useful, but what really makes us get out is to create an uncomfortable atmosphere.

1. Sliding sofa

There is no reason to try and save space by buying such a sofa instead of a regular bed. Guests do not come so often. And the need to turn a sofa into a bed requires strength and worsens the quality of sleep. If you are going to buy new furniture, then buy a standard bed with a good mattress, which will serve you much longer.

13 things that make the house uncomfortable

2. Collection of packages

We often do not throw out packages, because they can be of use to us. But in the end it leads to confusion in the cabinets. It is best to store the packages in a small box and limit their number to those that can fit in it. Buy a few large packages for a shopping trip and store one in your bag, with which you go to work, or in the car. Instead of accumulating a huge number of packages, use several times those that you already have.

3. Lots of boxes

Of course, it is very convenient to store things in boxes. However, sometimes there are so many of them that we do not remember what they put there. As a result, we often lose valuable time searching. Can not get rid of – at least write on all the boxes that are stored in them, advises Bright Side.

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4. Overloaded hanger in the hallway

It is the hallway that creates the first impression of your home. If it is clogged with clothes, then the whole apartment seems sloppy. It takes more and more time to find the right jacket, and things often turn out on the floor. In order not to overload the hanger, just buy another one – of a smaller size! What could be easier! And for bags, nail the hook near the front door.

5. Scattered shoes

If you do not put shoes and shoes every time in place, then soon in the hallway there will be a mess. In addition, if you do not have special shoe furniture, then in the winter and autumn there will be a lot of dirt in the corridor, which will gradually spread to other rooms and make you clean up more often. There are special coasters on which the footwear is stored vertically. And to improve ventilation, you can put a bag of lavender on one of the shelves.

13 things that make the house uncomfortable

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6. Huge mirrors in the rooms

Large mirrors in the bedrooms appear there along with wardrobes or wardrobes. Thanks to them, the small room looks much larger. However, they require regular cleaning, and if there is a lot of sunlight in the room, then they are very clearly visible dust. It is better to order a wardrobe with a mirror on the inner door, and to make the room seem more spacious, choose the furniture for the color of the walls.

7. A large bathroom mirror

If the mirror starts right above the sink, it quickly becomes covered with water spots. It is not very convenient to clean it several times a day, and you do not like the reflection in it. Therefore, it is better to choose a small mirror and hang it in 15 – 20 cm above the sink.

13 things that make the house uncomfortable

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8. Light wallpaper in the hallway

The bright colors of the wallpaper really make the hall look bigger. However, they cause a lot of problems. Light walls, especially in places where people strip and undress, become gray and dirty, and the hall looks untidy. In addition, the wallpaper is very difficult to wash and keep clean. You have to spend a lot of time on it, so maybe it’s better to replace the wallpaper from the very beginning with a darker one.

9. Open shelves

This is one of the most popular pieces of furniture in the kitchen. Unfortunately, the kitchen has a lot of dust, which is often mixed with fat, so it is difficult to clean it. Shelves and items on them must be cleaned regularly, otherwise this mud will become visible. Therefore, closets are best for the kitchen with doors painted in bright colors, which visually increase the space.

13 things that make the house uncomfortable

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10. Table (sliding) tables

Many have tables-transformers that can be made longer for the arrival of guests. However, guests do not come so often, and tables still take up a lot of space and become dusty and dirty. Do you need this cumbersome piece of furniture, used every six months for special occasions? It is better to buy a round table, for which you can seat more guests.

11. The Dark Lampshades

They do not pass light very well, so the room will always be a bit dark. To solve this problem, you can buy the most powerful light bulbs, but this will increase the power consumption and the corresponding account size. It is best to change the color of the lampshade to a brighter, which is good light and makes the room cozy. And you do not have to overpay for electricity.

13 things that make the house uncomfortable

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12. Carpeting

Carpet coverings, like standard carpets, have a short service life. If a stain appears on it, you will have to call specialists to get rid of it. If this does not work, you will either have to change the cover, or get used to live with a spot. If you want your floor to be warm, buy a regular mat. You can always wash it or buy a new one if necessary.

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