15 galleries at the Nomad exhibition

15 galleries at the Nomad exhibition

Collective design is good to look at in a beautiful interior and relaxed atmosphere. It is this format of meetings with new luxury that the Nomad fair offers. Invented by two gallery owners Nicolas Bellavans-Lecomte and Giorgio Pace, the spring session takes place at the Villa Carl Lagerfeld La Vigie in Monte Carlo from 26 to 29 April.

The format of the chamber exhibition for friends of collectors and lovers of collectible design was very successful. Nomad liked, guests and buyers go specifically to the fair, and the gallery owners began to prepare rare and valuable things for the show on this site. This time 15 galleries take part in the event, including Milan’s Nulifar, London’s David Gill, New York’s Fiedman Benda, Roman Galleria O. Roma, Beirut’s Sarwan Gallery.

15 galleries at the Nomad exhibition

Screen n ° 12, 1987, dis. R. Kawakubo. Comme des Garçons. Japanese linden, aluminum. 1645×1700 mm. Maniera and Gallery A1043.

15 galleries at the Nomad exhibition

Cabinet 27 Cassetti, Diz. E. Sottsass, 2001. Galleria Luise delle Piane.

15 galleries at the Nomad exhibitionCabinet Tiger, diz. M. Bonetti, 2017. Mahogany, painted under malachite. Patinated brass. Inside is the skin. Circulation – 8 copies + 2 prototypes + 2 author’s copies. David Gill.

15 galleries at the Nomad exhibitionGuy Burden, frame for Vogue, 1978. Louise Alexander Gallery.

Of course, the main thing in the offer of the Nomad fair is the modern author’s things, small-circulation, original in form and interesting in the way of production. There are works of the rising star of Dutch Sabin Marceliz, there is a recent classic – like the opuses of Zaha Hadid and Ettore Sottsassa. There is a very impressive, unusual proposal – two items designed in the mid-1980s by Ray Kawakubo. They are represented by the Paris gallery A 1043.

15 galleries at the Nomad exhibitionTable Soapresin, Diz. S. Marceliz. Etage Project.

15 galleries at the Nomad exhibitionAnodized console and coffee table, Diz. F.Polsen, 2017.

15 galleries at the Nomad exhibitionMisha Kan. Tingle Tangle Mingle Mangle, 2017 Bronze. Circulation – 8 copies. Friedman Benda.

15 galleries at the Nomad exhibition

Stool Liquid Glacial Color Light Blue, Diz. H. Hadid. 2015 Acryl. Circulation 48 + 4 prototypes + 4 copyright copies. David Gill.

15 galleries at the Nomad exhibition

O6 Oak, dis. M. Rikur, Oak, 2018. Sarah Myerscough Gallery

15 galleries at the Nomad exhibitionBlack Trine table Table, diz. J. Makepeace, 2017 Scorched Oak 72 x 120 x 120 cm. Sarah Myerscough Gallery

For connoisseurs of rarities associated with the history of design, there is also something interesting, for example, two sets of Italian Antonio Buziri Vichi, made in the early 1930s – a real Italian art deco with beautiful geometry.

15 galleries at the Nomad exhibition

Dining table Modular, diz. A. Buziri Vichy. White maple, brass, unique, 1931. Guistini

Milan gallery owner Nina Yashar promised an exclusive display of the new Stick Wallpaper Table, made by the Parisian architect Claude Mysir. But the most important premiere of the Nomad fair will be furniture items, specially designed by the designer Mathieu Leanner. This special dedication to the Villa LaVigie, Leanner’s project was carried out with the assistance of the auction house Christie’s.

15 galleries at the Nomad exhibition

J. Creten. Istanbul Vulva, 2017. Terracotta, gilding. Almine Rech Gallery.

15 galleries at the Nomad exhibition

Vase Extruder Pieces, Diz. A. Alvarez, ceramics, blue pigment. 2018. Carwan Gallery.

15 galleries at the Nomad exhibitionFloor lamp A, DIZ.M. Can. Bronze, circulation – 8 copies. Friedman Benda.

Two galleries will present the painting and photography. Massimo de Gallery Carlo brought the paintings of the Swiss artist, the founder of Fluxus John Armleader. The exposition of the French photographer Guy Burden, who is celebrating his ninetieth birthday this year, will be shown by the Louise Alexander Gallery.

15 galleries at the Nomad exhibition

Guy Burden. Vogue Paris, July / August 1978. Louise Alexander Gallery.

15 galleries at the Nomad exhibition

Charles Jourdan. Spring 1978. Louise Alexander Gallery.

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