So cute! Chrissie Taygen published photos of children

Krissy Tagen May 17, it became known that Chrissie Tagen (32) and John Legend (39) became parents for the second time – the stars Miles’s son Theodore Stevens was born. And now the model constantly pleases subscribers with “home” photos. The other day Teygen showed how she feeds the baby (Teigen in her repertoire –

TV as part of the interior: a new collection of Samsung

Designers always suffer from the fact that televisions spoil the overall appearance of the interior. In a laconic Scandinavian or luxurious classical space, this object always looks strange and even inappropriate. To ensure that designers do not have to hide TVs in sliding panels and consoles, Samsung has released a collection with a unique design.

The nominees for the “Big Book”: Bulls are, and Pelevin nope

The finalists of the national literary award "The big book" season 2017-2018 in the demonstration hall of Gum. PHOTO by Alexander Shcherbak / TASS The first thing that draws the attention of the list is this year is very short. Early nominees to ten, sometimes more, now only eight. Second, what is surprising – not

Why is the world’s largest watch and jewelry exhibition actually lost jewelers?

Baselworld 2018 was still given significant premieres of hours of the world’s largest brands, but no longer set trends in jewelry. If you sum up the total, then for 5-7 years it left Akillis, Antonini, BoghArt (now – Boghossian), Buccellati, Carlo Luca della Quercia, Damiani, David Yurman, Dickson Yewn, FabergĂ©, Garrard, Gavello, Imbar, Lalique,

The girl from “Beethoven” grew up and turned into a sex bomb

The American comedy about a family with three children and the most beloved St. Bernard became almost the most popular film about a dog … Needless to say, after the film was released, Beethoven was called almost every caudate in the yard. However, the comedy played into the hands of not only the breeders of

“It’s not worth the nerves”: Stesha Malikova speaks about school and exams

Stesha Malikova / photo: Daughter Dmitry Malikov today congratulated the graduates with the beginning of adult life. Stephanie is also much more interesting than in school. Recently in schools rang the last call. Now the students are preparing for exams and applying to universities. So, this year graduated from high school the son of