The resort of Cap d’Agde is located on the Mediterranean coast of France to the west of Marseille. This place is different from the others in that nudists can not dress while walking out of the beach.

We tell more about paradise for a nudist.

In fact, Cap d’Agde is a district of the town of Agde, and is divided into nudist and textile parts. The bare part got only 2 of the 14 kilometers of the beach, but beyond it, nudists have something to do.

  • The very beginning of the city in 1956 was a small nudist camping. In the early 70’s, this region of France began to actively develop and around the camp began to form a city. Fans of naked rest managed to defend their territory, which is now called a village of naturists (Village Naturiste).


  • The territory of the village is fenced, and you can get to it only by ticket – a week pass costs 15 euros per person. At the entrance you will require a hotel reservation and a passport.

  • Undressing in Cap d’Agde is not necessary, no one will take off your clothes. Shops, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, hotels and even banks accept visitors both in clothes and without it.

    The only restriction here is the ban on photo and video. But a couple of photos we all still found.

    Cap d’Agde1 Cap d’Agde2 Cap d’Agde3 Cap d’Agde4

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