5 places to meet the sunset in Cyprus

5 places to meet the sunset in Cyprus

1. The Stone of Aphrodite

The rock Petra-to-Romeu, located in the sea not far from the coast of Paphos, is widely known among tourists and locals under the name of the Stone of Aphrodite. It is here, according to legend, the goddess of love came out of the sea foam. Look at the rock, the picturesque location of which nicely complements the color of Greek mythology, the whole buses of tourists come down: but at sunset, just the chances of being alone with the beautiful grow substantially.

5 places to meet the sunset in Cyprus

Sunset here is beautiful at any time of the year, and photos on the background of the Stone of Aphrodite are especially successful in the evening illumination. On the beach there is a cafe and a shop with souvenirs, and in nearby Pafos – cultural entertainment and a lot of opportunities for outdoor activities.

2. Top of Mount Olympus

From April to October, you can admire the sunset from the highest point of the island – the peaks of Mount Olympus (1952 meters above sea level). In winter, there is a ski resort, and in the summer months it is worth climbing the mountain to look around the whole island. Of course, this is one of the best points in Cyprus to observe the variety of colors, shadows and glare, so transforming the world around during sunset.

5 places to meet the sunset in Cyprus

You can get to Olympus from the traditional village of Troodos, in which, in turn, there is a bus from Limassol. The lift to the top does not work in the summer, but a walk trail is specially equipped for those who like mountain species (and sunsets).

3. Larnaca Salt Lake

The salt lake in Larnaca is one of the most picturesque places in the region. In winter, when the lake is filled with water, dozens of species of waterfowl flock here for wintering: from pink flamingos to Cypriot swamps and gray cranes.

5 places to meet the sunset in Cyprus

In the summer, you can not find water or birds here, but you can walk along the salt bottom of the empty reservoir. Well, the sunsets are good here at any time of the year. At the same time, we recommend to look at the Turkish aqueduct of the XVIII century, the Hala Sultan mosque and the medieval basilica.

4. Cavo Greco, “The Bridge of Lovers”

The Kavo Greco National Park is located at the easternmost point of the island and is known throughout the world for the azure color of the sea, picturesque rock formations, secluded bays and exciting legends about the Ayia Napa monster.

5 places to meet the sunset in Cyprus

One of the most romantic (and photogenic) places on Cavo Greco is a natural bridge that naturally emerged over the water. Thanks to the popularity of this location among Cypriot honeymooners, the arch was christened “The Bridge of Lovers”. We advise you to visit here at sunset and feel this love – in the nature of Cyprus, at least.

5. Quay at the Paphos castle

To enjoy one of the most beautiful sunsets in life, it is not necessary to get into the car and leave as far as possible from the lights of the big city. At least if you are in Cyprus.

5 places to meet the sunset in Cyprus

The noisy and cheerful embankment of Paphos with all its restaurants, cafes and souvenir shops is an excellent option for those who want to stop for a few minutes and follow the bright red sunset that dips into the sea, marking the end of another great day of vacation in Cyprus .

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