5 stars who do not have stylists

Blake Lively

5 stars who do not have stylists

Do not get tired of admiring this girl! It turns out that her coolest outings are not at all a merit of the stylist. “To be honest, I just love to keep everything under control,” Blake says. – Well, I have too much ego, probably! For some reason I am always sure that I can do better. And then, I love everything connected with fashion, beauty and design. By the way, exactly for this reason I adore painting my girlfriends, so if you need a make-up artist, please contact “. Blake, be sure!

Erika Badu

He admits that he simply does not see in the stylist any need: “And what’s the point? Believe it or not, my style does not change for decades. So I myself know perfectly well what is coming to me. “

January jones

5 stars who do not have stylists

The actress, it turns out, simply hates, when they tell her what to do. “Why should I listen to someone? I’m frankly annoyed when they impose their position on me, “Jones admits.

Dita Von Teese

The Queen of Burlesque admits that the only celebrity she admires is Diane Kruger. And all because she does not use a stylist. Like Dita herself!

Diane Kruger

5 stars who do not have stylists

“I’m still my own stylist,” says the actress. – So far, I’m doing it! Well and on red carpet paths simply I borrow at any brand a dress. And again bingo – you do not even need to go to the store! “

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