6 shocking rocker weddings

6 shocking rocker weddings

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Everyone knows about this wedding, and in many respects thanks not only to the glory of Lennon, but also to the unconventional approach to this celebration. The marriage of a musician and artist took place on March 20, 1969 in Gibraltar. The couple registered their marriage at the British Embassy, ​​and it took them about an hour. Right after that, the happy newlyweds flew to Paris, and from there to Amsterdam, where they held their famous recumbent demonstration for peace.

Surprised the public and unusual outfits of lovers. Both were dressed quite simply: John Lennon – in jeans, a sweater and a jacket, Yoko Ono – in sneakers, golf, hat and a plain short dress.

This wedding can really be called one of the most unconventional: the rapid passage of formal procedures away from home, the change of the second name of Lennon to Ono (a kind of way to take the name of his wife), outfits such as a pair went out for a walk in the park, a swift journey through European cities, Honeymoon in bed, surrounded by journalists. Not surprisingly, this wedding has stirred not only the fans of The Beatles, but the entire public.

6 shocking rocker weddings

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Wedding of vocalist The Rolling Stones and former actress is known not only to all music lovers, but also to people, fond of fashion. Wedding attire Bianchi, who was 4 months pregnant, made a real sensation: she wore a white tuxedo directly on her naked body. To appear before the priest with such a decollete was really bold.

Judging by the faces of the newlyweds photographed in the photographs, the wedding did not become for them the happiest day in life. Bianca looks disappointed, Mick rather angry. The couple was late for their own wedding, because of which the mayor threatened to cancel the ceremony. In addition, journalists and photographers were especially intrusive on this day, not allowing the newlyweds to step and step (literally). Of course, all this could not but affect their mood.

6 shocking rocker weddings

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The wedding of Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love is difficult to qualify as shocking or traditional. On the one hand, the wedding celebration took place in a narrow family circle, without a press, in a paradise corner in Hawaii. On the other hand, Kurt was dressed in green flannel pajamas, and Courtney took the wedding dress of Francis Farmer, an actress with a rather scandalous reputation. The priest at the ceremony, they say, was a woman. Because of the lack of journalists at the wedding, information about the celebration has always been little. However, the couple’s friends testified that Cobain was crying with happiness, and Courtney Love did not utter a tear.

6 shocking rocker weddings

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Noise this wedding did, no doubt, not because of the rock musician, but because of his bride. This strange marriage lasted only 4 months, and the wedding was such that it was remembered by everyone for a long time.

Celebrated the celebration on the yacht, away from prying eyes and paparazzi, but nevertheless some details of this shocking wedding became known to the general public. For example, the fact that at the wedding ceremony Pamela was wearing a white bikini and a light white robe draped over it. It also had a veil on it. Kid Rock was dressed like he went to the nearest supermarket for a pack of milk: in a white T-shirt and a black cap.

At the wedding there were only 15 people, the main drink, in addition to traditional champagne, was beer.

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“We wanted our wedding to be remembered for a long time!” – Marilyn Manson once confessed. The desired effect was definitely achieved. The couple held a celebration in the Irish castle, which certainly added entourage to their party in the style of the XIX century. Wedding vows for lovers wrote the director Alejandro Khodorovski, he also held the ceremony itself.

Manson at the wedding was with the usual make-up, in a black velvet suit, Dita von Teese reminded the Gothic queen in a gorgeous dress from Vivienne Westwood. The designer herself, being a big fan of the work of Marilyn Manson, was happy to create a wedding dress for his bride and was among the guests at this celebration.

Entertainment for guests at the wedding were also thematic: archery and hunting. And from cocktails served “Bloody Mary.” In general, the theme of the wedding was kept from and to, and the celebration itself was very atmospheric and memorable.

6 shocking rocker weddings

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Wedding bassist Fall Out Boy Pete Wentz and singer Ashley Simpson became a good example of a well-organized thematic party. The fact is that the couple decided to play the wedding in the style of “Alice in Wonderland”.

At the feast, held in the house of the parents of the bride, everything was thought through to the smallest detail. The house itself was decorated in red and black colors, the bridesmaids’ dresses were also black (as was the second dress of the bride). An interesting detail of the celebration was the black roses. As you can see, the celebration turned out to be somewhat gothic. To adhere to the themes of the wedding, the newlyweds decided to turn their bulldog into the Cheshire Cat. He successfully replaced the traditional child in the costume of an angel and passed them to a pair of their rings.

This wedding was done with great attention to detail. Each bottle with a drink was decorated with the inscription “Drink me”, and guests were handed out cakes with the message “Eat Me.” The wedding cake was made in the form of a hat, on which stood a clock and a teapot. Snacks lay on trays in the form of playing cards, and the territory around the house was decorated with giant teapots and cups decorated with flowers.

6 shocking rocker weddings

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