9 facts about Dmitry Varshavsky

  1. Dmitry Lvovich Varshavsky is one of the few our rockers who have a professional music education: he graduated from the famous Gnesinka guitar class.
  2. One of the first musical experiments of Dmitry was the song of the Country on the poems of Andrei Voznesensky. Warsaw wrote it in 1979. Later, after the Black Coffee group was formed, this rock-action soldier entered the collective repertoire.
  3. His first guitar was collected from Varshavsky from the vans and drawing boards. By the way, it was on it that he played during the recording of the album Cross the threshold, which was released on vinyl. Now Dmitry prefers Fender Stratocaster, and the pearl of his collection is a unique fretless “stratum”. “On a fretless guitar you need to play as a violin or cello, in order to exactly get where you want, then there will be that note that you need, like a violin or cello. This is a difficulty, and the advantage is that the finger is in contact with the string. The string lives with a finger, the vibration is more accurate, you can convey more nuances, “- says Warsaw.
  4. The active concert activity of Black Coffee begins in 1984. Basically, the group toured the hailstones and villages of the Kazakh SSR. In Moscow, the band performed rarely. A peculiar tradition was the “Easter” concerts: allowing the rock bands to perform on Easter (the group’s debut performance also took place on Easter Night), the authorities sought to distract the youth from visiting the church in this way.
  5. Texts for several songs of Warsaw in the second half of the 80s were written by Alexander Shaganov, now a famous songwriter, and at that time – a student at the Moscow Electrotechnical Institute of Communications. Among them was the famous Vladimir Rus, famous both for Warsaw and Shaganov.
  6. In 1990, Dmitry Varshavsky went to America, returning to Russia only in 1999. Looking at things realistically, the musician did not at all seek to conquer the overseas public. According to him, the main purpose of the trip was to get acquainted with the local rock industry, study its foundations. As a result, Warsaw densely settled in Los Angeles and even established his own recording studio there. If we talk about the musical component of this period, then on the albums Golden Lady (1991) and Lady Autumn (1992, on sale appeared in 1996) in the music of Black Coffee, the influence of blues rock is heard.
  7. At the turn of the century, Varshavsky and the band took part in the production and recording of the rock opera by Pavel Smeyan. Word and deed based on the novel by A.K. Tolstoy Prince of Silver. Mixing and mastering were conducted in the Lenkom studio and were completed in 2001.
  8. The style of Dmitry Varshavsky’s work is very authoritarian. In many respects this was the reason for the extremely high turnover of musicians in Black Coffee. With the band in different years worked at least three dozen performers, among them such famous persons as guitarist Sergei Mavrin, singing bass player Igor Kupriyanov or, say, drummer Max Udalov from Aria. Actually, Dmitry does not hide that other musicians need him only for the realization of his own creative ideas: “I have not established any relationship with musicians ever. I hire a person to work, and he works, as long as it corresponds to what he does. As soon as he ceases to correspond, it means that in his place comes the one who does it better. “
  9. Currently, Dmitry Lvovich Varshavsky continues to give concerts and record songs with the group Black Coffee. He does not like the format of CDs and considers it obsolete, that’s why most of the works are immediately put on the Internet. This way, in 2015, the album Autumn rush was released.

9 facts about Dmitry Varshavsky

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