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A gossip about one star from Enti

The original posts from which I took gossip belong: McFlurry, fubuki, Woman-Cat, Bumble_bee, scarjo, tralala, Tanya_P

This is a collection of gossip translated by bloggers Gossip. That is, we look at the way of gossip about the same character, at the same time we’ll check that it’s true that it’s a lie.

I chose the heroes purely nominally, my pets, about whom the devil’s leg would be broken in gossip from the Enti gays or not: Chris Evans, Tom Hiddleston.

Selena Gomez, I took, tk gossip about her alleged "drug addiction" wagon and cart, and she is still alive. So I think Anti about her slanders, otherwise she’d long since died of so much powder that she is credited with.

Well, James Franco for a snack, the way from the star to the victim of gossip or the rapist, to someone like. As it turned out, the gossip about him is all scandalous-sexual.


1. Fasting on March 26, 2018

Apparently, this film actor of level A, who plays a superhero, does not worry that his now-ex-girlfriend, who is used to being an ex-girlfriend, will be rattling about his crazy sex life and lifestyle preferences. Even with everything, however much she wanted to be with him, the actress simply could not handle it. She’s a talker, although I hope she has not signed any non-disclosure agreements.

Original: (Apparently this A list mostly movie actor who is a superhero is not concerned about what is now ex who also used to be in exile. Even as much as she wanted to be with him any longer. But I hope she did not sign anything.)

Chris Evans / Jenny Slate

2. post from January 24, 2018

This superhero from the list A hides his secret sexual life and a possible pregnant girl who was with him one night. Apparently, this actress from the B + list found out about this. She’s a bit of a chatterbox, so the next thing you’ll soon learn is that the superhero meets her again.

The original: (This A list superhero has been hiding his secret sex life and possible pregnant one night stand.) Apparently this B + list actress found out all about it. her again.)

Actor-superhero: Chris Evans

Actress: Jenny Slate

3. Post of 7 January 2017

The family of this cinematic superhero is not very fond of his girl-actress. The reason is in the terms * (I will explain in Russian: She is married to one person, but meets another). They like his ex. You know, his ex was not too good, and she had a similar experience in the past.

Chris Evans / Jenny Slate / Former Minka Kelly

A gossip about one star from Enti4. Post of 10 December 2016

He’s a superhero. She’s a superhero. As a rule, they appear together when they act as superheroes. Everyone always assumes that she has at least an Oscar nomination, if not a victory, but she does not have it. In any case, they have been pushed several times on the set of their last film, and this spoiled their friendship to such an extent that they do not speak. I do not think her husband knows about this.

Johansson / Evans

A gossip about one star from Enti

5. Post of 4 December 2017

Confrontation (Civil War)

This pair of knives after they parted. And this made the promotional tour of their joint film very difficult.

After the producers snapped on both heads (verbally, of course), they ceased so disgustingly to behave towards each other and began to hug and throw themselves into each other’s arms at the first convenient opportunity (of course, when the cameras were turned on).

They all also hate each other and diverge in different directions as soon as the flashes of the cameras go out.

They are now again "officially" together. They have a million (green) reasons to stay together, as the trailer of his new blockbuster has just come out. And soon the promo tour will begin.

Guesses: Chris Evans and Jenny Slate (promo tour of the film "Gifted", a new promo tour "Captain America", confirmation that they are together again

6. Post of November 18, 2016

This actor expressed his disapproval when Hillary Clinton did not win elections yesterday. We bet that his girlfriend would also be dissatisfied if she found out that he was orally served by a friendly barista in the restroom a couple of weeks ago.

7. Post of March 21, 2015

What popular actor, known for several franchises, does not actually meet this young foreign actress-level B-sheet / star-studded son? Our hero is bisexual, and these relationships can be characterized as periodic love of love with a sweet girl for the sake of cover, in parallel with the same periodic bedtime pleasures with other men.

(Chris Evans / Lily Collins)

A gossip about one star from Enti


A gossip about one star from Enti

1. post of May 8, 2018

Our beloved ex-tween, who became an adult actress / singer, recently tried to kill herself.

Original: (Our favorite former tweener turned adult actress / singer recently tried to kill herself.)

2. Post of 28 March 2018

Being outside the country, this singer / bad actress of level A- recruits teenage girls to go on a “mission” to Asia and the Middle East. Because teenagers respect her, of course they are going to do it. If all this is revealed, things will be bad.

Original: (While out of the country, this A-list singer / bad actress is recruiting teen girls to go on "missions" to Asia and the Middle East. Because the teens are all looking up to her. Things are going to be so bad in the next couple of years when this all comes out.)

3. Post of 19 March 2018

Apparently, this celebrity of the A- / B + level, the new organ does not work so well due to drug use, and it really may need to replace it again. How about just changing your lifestyle?

Original: (Apparently, that new organ is not working so well for that A- / B + lister may actually need a replacement for the replacement. How about just changing your life rather than getting ones that other people would love to have and cherish.)

A gossip about one star from Enti4. Post of 26 February 2018

but the gossip of June 14, 2017

Our favorite drug addicted singer from the list of A- could not stand and wants to know why people want to talk to her. Mmm, maybe because you signed up to do a lot of interviews to sell a new song.

The original: (Our favorite A-list singer drug addict breaks down and wants to know why people keep wanting to talk to her. Umm, maybe because you signed up to do a bazillion interviews to sell a new record.)

5. Post of 19 February 2018

Probably, this ex-tween from the list of A- who became an adult singer / rather bad actress was not taught that she would doom herself to the same situation if she hangs with this guy who pushes her to these dark deeds. She was not going to kill herself a year ago as much as she was going to do it a few months ago. What changed? Hmmm. Of course, there were all the things she had to do for this serial predator, whom she still considers an excellent guy.

The original: (Apparently they did not teach this the former tweener turned A-list adult singer / fairly bad actress that she will keep her do it herself behaviors if she keeps hanging out with the guy who brings out those dark behaviors. She was not a few months ago. What has changed? Hmmmm. Of course there were also all those things she had to do for the serial predator too.

Singer: Selena Gomez

Guy: Justin Bieber

Serial predator: Woody Allen

6. Post of 9 February 2018

6.1. This A-singer / I want to be an actress, missed the event (the Grammy Awards) last night, because she did not want to be asked about her new film, for which she is not going to apologize. The singer also, apparently, went to rehab for one night earlier this month, but escaped from there.

Original: (This A-list singer wannabe actress skipped last night because she did not want to be asked about her new movie which she will not apologize for. The singer was also really gone to rehab for one night earlier this month.

Singer: Selena Gomez

Woody Allen’s film: “Rainy Day in New York”

6.2.This singer from the list of A + set out to not communicate with our beloved tween singer / actress, who suffers from drug addiction. Our former tweener exacerbated the situation even more, insulting the singer and threatening to violate the agreement on non-disclosure of information.

The original: (This A + list singer has been made to our beloved by now tweener turned singer / actress.) Even in the same city it has been crickets. the NDA.)

Singer: Taylor Swift

Singer Twiner: Selena Gomez

7. Post of 28 December 2017

She is more than 13 years old, but less than 30. She is busy at once in several spheres of show business. And he always tries to keep his image under control. Whether her personal life or getting into a rehab clinic – a legend is being invented to make the heroine look innocent.

This time it’s about the story of a woman from her family who’s been hospitalized. Family members say that the reason lies in the girl’s deed. But the girl begs relatives to change their testimony and come up with other reasons. To look innocent again.

The main candidate is Selena Gomez ("more than 13" – a hint at the series "13 reasons why", produced by the singer). Selena’s mom came to the hospital.

8. Post of 24 December 2017

Our beloved teenage actress / singer, who turned into a bad actress and singer of level A, with minor drug problems, was to conduct a small tour in support of the new single. She refused. She does not have the desire to do anything where there is a need to communicate with the fans. She only wants to go on a talk show to receive rewards.

9. Post of 19 February 2017

9.1.In case you are wondering about whom her last song * is, do not guess anymore!

No surprise. It’s about her ex-boyfriend! Well, about the singer, with whom she had converged for years, she broke up.

Why now? She always knew that he was cheating on her, but more recently she found out that the situation was much worse than she had thought.

"She thought that he only changed her a couple of times. LOL. His friend told her that he changed more than fifty times."

If you think that fifty is not a big number for a pop star, then imagine for a moment that he does not like putting on a condom during sex. Yes, this is the part that supposedly got to it.

* It Is not Me

Singer: Selena Gomez

Singer: Justin Bieber

9.2.These two singers are not very long, but their relationship has already taken an alarming turn.

Recently he sent her to meet with her dealer to take her "product". Why did not he go on his own?

"He convinced her that they recognize him, but she is not, because she is less, she can throw a sweater, dark glasses and go unnoticed. She went."

We do not know whether this happens on an ongoing basis or it was once. In any case, not very clever, girl!

Singer: Weeknd

Singer: Selena Gomez

10. Post of 29 January 2017

10.1.This ex-tween, who became an A-singer, spent Christmas fainting from drugs. Reunification with her former literally kills her, but he does not care. Honestly, if he had spent enough time and prepared, he could have achieved the result, as in the film “Star-80”.

Original: (This former tweener turned A-list singer spent most of her Christmas passed out from drugs. Getting back together with her ex is literally going to kill her and I do not think the ex cares at all. Honestly, if he had gotted enough even pull a Star 80 situation.)

10.2 Showing how much he cares about his supposed love of his life, this tweener from the former A + list took another woman on vacation to sleep with her at night, while his girl singer from the list of A- / B + hang out all night, using drugs.

The original: (Showing how much he cares for his supposed love of his life, this former A + list tweener brought another woman with him on vacation to sleep with at night while his a- / b + list singer girlfriend partied all night with her drugs.)

Singer: Selena Gomez

Boyfriend: Justin Bieber

11. Post of 26 January 2017

This former actress twins from the list of A- who became an adult singer / bad actress, keeps a secret. This applies to the man with whom her mother met. He raped the actress when she was a teenager. The actress says that her mother knew and did nothing.

Actress Twiner: Selena Gomez

Mom: Mandy Tiefi

12. Post of November 28, 2017

This singer and this model met with the same musician.

Do you think that they have forgotten about this and continue to live on?

Not at all.

Two of them participate in smasny battles!

Nevertheless, they write to each other not directly. Each of them has a trustee transmitting messages. They endlessly write insults to each other.

Basically they use words like: whore, yuzannaya (b / u) and kokainshchitsa. In addition, the musician told the singer that in bed the model looks like a dead fish and now the singer calls her "Dead fish".

In defense of the dead fish, we can say that she has problems with tablets.

Perhaps this made her so sluggish.

Singer: Selena Gomez

Dead fish: Bella Hadid

Singer: Weeknd

A gossip about one star from Enti

13. post of 12 July 2017

The lawsuit, which is about to be filed against this drug-dependent singer (formerly an actress), will be a real problem for her. It’s not the responsibility, but the fact that preliminaries have already been given and some secrets can break her career.

Selena Gomez / 13 Reasons Why

14. Post of 9 May 2017

These two young celebrities (one of them model, the second singer) kept away from each other on Met Gala. However, there was one moment when they passed each other and were very close. The eyewitness tells: "I stood near the restroom and waited for a friend, he went out and we were about to leave. The model with some other person next to her began to approach the restroom and the singer came out of the lavatory. The singer did not go back to the lavatory again when she saw the model, but simply went straight to the model, paying no attention. And at the very moment when they passed by each other the model said to the singer: "Shl * ha" in a calm tone. The singer heard well, but did not react and just kept walking. Then the model and her friend laughed.

Model – Bella Hadid

Singer – Selena Gomez

15. Post of 20 January 2017

Last month we said that there was a change in the composition of this women’s club. Here she is!

At first the conflict was due to drugs … and then because of the boys.

The singer started to work the boyfriend of the MONTH model back! The model did not really think that he would exchange it for the Singer. He did it and found it to be an upgrade.

The President of the Sisterhood is not happy that the Singer – the one she personally chose and supported in her membership – now violates all the rules about drugs and boys. She can not publicly destroy the singer or express dissatisfaction, but she has other ways to show that the consequences for violating her rules are coming.

You just saw the first shift. Expect another.

President of the Sisterhood – Taylor Swift

Model – Bella Hadid

Singer – Selena Gomez

Boyfriend – Weeknd

16. Post of 12 January 2017

When you leave a medical institution, you are not cured. You must take care with your daily behavior and your decisions so that you do not go back to your old habits. Well, it seems that this young star was able to stay attentive for about five minutes before stepping on the old rails.

She said that she will for some time tie up with the relationship to try and make friends with people who are not known, and that she will stay away from people who take drugs. So what is she doing now? Goes on a date with a famous guy who uses heavy drugs! She wants more to be known than healthy.

Selena Gomez / Weeknd

17. Post of 1 August 2016

Look at this former actress in A-list / a decent singer for teenagers, she suffers from a relapse of the disease and she needs to leave for a month. Perhaps, this time she will learn not to forget about the treatment that was supposed to pass.


A gossip about one star from Enti1. post of May 28, 2018

This B- / C +, in most cases a movie actress, of foreign origin, who is more known for being a professional “beard”, was forced to sign a non-disclosure agreement before going to casting to get a role in this new film.

The original: (This foreign born B- / C + list mostly movie actress who could be better known for being a professional beard

Sookie Waterhouse / James Franco / the film “Futureworld”

2. post of May 21, 2018

It’s amazing how this disgraced actor of level A, who is filmed both in movies and on television, eschewed the woman until he saw the paparazzi. At that moment, they immediately seemed to be in love until the paparazzi left. Then, they again started to keep apart.

The original: (It’s amazing how to get rid of this disgraced A-list, he was the second person who was attacked by the woman. .)

3. Post of 28 March 2018

This actor of level A, whose family has actors, will soon go on the B + list, and no one will want to hire him any more. For him it will be even worse than when the new charges are again brought against him. He really has to lie to the bottom.

The original: (This A list is mainly for the sake of the game.) It is going to get even worse when the new accusations. He will go really deep into hiding.)

4. Post of 25 April 2018

4.1. It was such a slow process of shooting photos and their release, where this disgraced actor level A / A-, from a family where there are actors, is presented in the best light. Notice, they were all considered to show that the actor is still working, or that he is in a love relationship with one person who obviously trusts him. No big stories on the covers, just release of the stories intended for the formation of subject-thematic pictures. It’s much smarter than the strategy * of Louis C Kay, trying to release a story about his return, which was met with a blow.

* Louis C Kay – American stand-comic, actor, screenwriter, producer and director, who was accused of sexual harassment.

The original: (It has been a slow process of getting photos taken and released that show this A / A-list disgraced actor from an acting family in the best light possible. Notice, they all have was either designed to show he is still working or that he is in love with one person who obviously trusts him. No big stories or attempts at covers, just a slooow. It is much smarter than the Louis CK strategy of trying to release a story about he would make a comeback which was met with a thud.)

4.2.This weekly tabloid does its job at the behest of publicists to try and revive the career of this A-movie actor, whose family has actors. They do everything to try to make everyone forgive him.

The original: (This weekly tabloid is doing its part at atheism of publicists to try and revive the career of this A-list mostly movie actor from an acting family. They got out their kneepads big time to try and get him forgiven.)

5. Post of 24 January 2018

The name of this prize winner was replaced by someone else over the past few weeks in order to avoid controversy.

The original: (An award winner was changed and replaced by someone else within the past couple of weeks to avoid a controversy.)

6. Post of 26 January 2017

6.1.If you think that this actor, who recently won a great award, is now in trouble, then you are mistaken, he is in for a real shake-up. Several men are ready to make accusations of sexual assault, sexual harassment and even provide video recordings of a sexual encounter. Our actor will not be able to laugh at these statements.

If nothing happens, then this former nominee for an Oscar, a movie actor from the A-list, has a good chance of winning another nomination or winning an Oscar. On the problem with which he faces, we already know – he loves underage girls. He’s having sex with them. With him nothing like this happened before. But there will be other underage girls with whom he will continue to have sex again. A few years ago we somehow allowed him to avoid it, but this time it will not happen, if the rumor goes harder, he will not receive an Oscar.

The original: (If nothing comes up, than this former Oscar nominee who is an A-list mostly movie actor from an acting family has a good chance at another Oscar nomination or win. The problem is he is facing. It is on record. Nothing happened to him before. Now, there are going to be others who are underage going on the record again. A few years ago we somehow let him get away with it, but he will not this time and all that Oscar buzz will be gone.)

6.2.This actor from the list of A, probably, does not expect that the trial will become routine for him. Oh, of course, he thinks that only a woman can file a complaint, but what about the guy he raped several years ago, and who should have gone to the hospital after that? Yes, I’m sure he thought that the guy did not know what was happening with our actor. But no. He is aware.

The original: (This A list is mainly a movie actor is probably not expecting the lawsuit by his way.) Yeah, Nope. Not even close.

7. post of February 10, 2015

This young A-level actor, who recently starred in a scandalous film that some politicians disliked, said that he would withdraw in the continuation of one of his previous films only if this young actress, famous for her teenage show, was sleeping with our hero . The girl regularly otshivaet actor, and these failures reduce the man’s mind.

A gossip about one star from Enti(James Franco / Selena Gomez, film "spring Breakers")

8. post from the post of April 7, 2015

This actor with a name in the A-list suffered a fiasco with the release of his new film. Our hero is very hard to survive this failure and trying to drown his grief in a dangerous mixture of cocaine, alcohol and grass. Plus, the man became a regular guest gay clubs in New York.

In fact:

The film of Franco is in full swing "And lost the fight", with the participation of Robert Duvall, Josh Hutcherson, Ashley Greene, Selena Gomez and others. Perhaps a talented person is talented in everything, and even able to prepare for filming in a nightclub in a state obdolbe. I dont know.


1. post of May 8, 2018

This actor of level A, of foreign origin, who is filmed both in film and on television, will not go anywhere until he has finished filming in all the films for which he is paid.

The original: (This foreign born A list of dual threats actor’s character is not going anywhere until the actor finishes making all the movies he is getting paid for.

Tom Hiddleston / The Role of Loki

2. post of 13 April 2018

This "superhero" (he was born abroad) went to BDSM club in Asia, where he was tied up and beat by 2 club employees. Interesting press tour)

Versions: Henry Cavill, Tom Holland, Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston.

3. Post of 26 February 2018

This actor, of foreign descent, from the list of A-who is filmed both in film and on television, was absent from the “reunion of superheroes” event because he was unambiguously told that he was not happy with this actress who has famous sisters. Their past history is still very painful for her.

The original: (Noticeably absent from a superhero reunion thing was this foreign born A-list dual threat actor there by the still smallest known sibling from this acting family. Their past history is still very sensitive.)

Tom Hiddleston / Elizabeth Olsen

A gossip about one star from Enti

4. Post of 6 July 2017

This English actor A sheet, but not Benedict, is indifferent to everything that does not concern him. At the ceremony "The Golden Globe" he devoted a full 15 minutes, telling some stories about himself, and not paying any attention to anyone.

5. The post of April 29, 2017

This actress, who is less than 30 years old, takes herself very seriously. She is already rewarded for her professional work, she also wants to be an example for imitation of young girls.

She has already shown her attitude to one actor, whom she does not like, at this film award. Because she does not like his behavior towards other people. Also she’s pretty cool about her filmmate who’s been going to the cinemas this year. He did not do anything to her. She just does not like the fact that he had a fake relationship for PR (including this famous pop star)

"She says that the matter is in integrity, and if they are not honest in their personal lives, then she does not want to be near them. She says that she feels terrible when he is kind to her, because he knows that he wanted to fake relations with her for the sake of PR. She smiles and hugs him for the cameras, but as soon as all the photos are taken, she leaves him"

Given her personal history, she could stop condemning the personal lives of others.

Bree Larson, Casey Affleck, Tom Hiddleston, film "Cong. The island of the skull"

6. Post of 9 February 2017

Ah, this foreign dual threat (it is removed in films and serials) A- / B + sheet actor-hidden gay (from the franchise) so there is not enough attention.

He has no right to say anything negative or suffering, so he made up a whole story to get the cover of the magazine. Well, we knew that he had a dry. If you see him, then say hello to his boyfriend from all of us.

7. The post of October 28, 2016

This film actress B sheet from the acting family will soon be released a new film. Her colleague gets praiseworthy reviews, but not this one. "I will do anything to be noticed" actress. Her PR team pays money to people so that they write on Twitter about how amazing this actress is in this film and poured dirt on this colleague. She really desperately wants to be famous.

"I saw the light" Hiddleston and Olsen

8. Post of February 10, 2015

This pet of women, the famous actor, loved by everyone in the role of a superhero villain, came to this loud foreign event, accompanied by a girl from the escort. The actor was found with his trousers downstairs when he was having sex with this girl. This happened in a very short time after the arrival of our hero on the red carpet. After this incident, the man immediately left the event, without a girl.

A gossip about one star from Enti

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