An old Scottish castle in which people were tortured for centuries (PHOTO)

Chillingham Castle is a scary sight in Scotland.

There are such places of attraction on earth. However, after visiting them again to return there do not want to, so there is scary and sullen. One such place is the medieval castle of Chillingham, which survived to the present day, the owner of which I could easily have written one of the thickest books on the organization of torture, Chronicle informs.

The building is located in the village of Chillingham, which is located in the north of the British county of Northumberland, near the Scottish border. The primary building in this place dates back to the 12th century, but the castle was completed only a couple of centuries later. Since the 15th century and until the Second World War, this building was inhabited by the aristocrats Bennet and Gray.

In a spacious closed park located on the territory of the fortress, for several centuries now live cows, which are among the very rare breed of "Chillingham Cattle", and their number in the entire globe – no more than 90 goals.

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The first building on the territory of the castle was erected in the distant 12th century.

Anglo-Scottish wars that took place in the 14th and 15th centuries. The institution was operated as a staging post for the armies of England, which was directed towards Scotland. For their part, the troops of Scotland made attacks and organized the deposition of the castle.

The main entrance to the castle was built only in the 17th century, and the design of the landscape was in the 19th century.

For a very long time, the exterior of the castle.

He still looks very impregnable, as if the time is near him, and he continues to be in the middle Ages.

But the most unusual and terrifying place in the castle. Even the nine years ago. Some of them are still in working order.

Some historians say that throughout the three years in this room were tortured and killed about 7,500 Scottish residents – men and women of different ages.

During the Second World War, this building was used as a barracks. At that time, most of the trees were cut down and used for firewood.

After the end of the hostilities, the existence of the castle was forgotten. The building began to crumble and its roof collapsed. And only after that the castle was handed over to the descendant of the Gray family – Mary Tankerville – The 900-year-old building.

As soon as the restoration was completed, the institution was opened to the public.

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