Anna Sedokova: “A former husband wants to deprive me of parental rights”

“The last few months I’ve been sleeping very badly,” Anna says. “I do not go to bed before two, I get up at five in the morning.” My day begins with a call to America. Monica is just going to go to bed. Because of the time difference, I have the opportunity to talk to her either at one o’clock in the morning, or at five in the morning. Maxim’s grandmother sends it to her, I can only call her number. This became possible quite recently. For eight months now I have been in such a condition that I am moved every day by a tank. Harder than a period in my life has not been …

Anna Sedokova: "A former husband wants to deprive me of parental rights"On Anna: the Nude sweatshirt, skirt Longchamp, sandals MaxMara. On Aline: jacket Stella McCartney, a skirt Unabel, sneakers Miss Grant, earrings Lisa Smith. On Hector: Burberry T-shirt, Burberry pants, Polo Ralph Lauren shoes

Photo: Sonia Gromova. We are grateful to Bosco di Ciliegi and the flagship salon of Danish furniture and accessories BoConcept “Shmitovsky” for help in the shooting. Children’s things are provided by a network of salons “Kangaroo”

– After five to go to bed is meaningless, and I can not sleep. I pay myself half an hour: I make a bar, minimum physical exercises. And I write: a book, several columns, songs. As for Ernest Hemingway, who was sitting at his desk at five in the morning, this was the most productive period of the day for me. At half past six, Alina wakes up (the 13-year-old daughter of the singer from her first marriage to football player Valentin Belkevich.) – Antenna note. I can make her tea or coffee, but she’s already going to school herself. Although I miss the time when she plaited her in the morning pigtails. The last one stands Hector (the son of Anna for a year. – Note: “Antennas”). It is our latest. But the day may end in different ways. If time permits, I try to talk with Alina. Once read a wise advice on raising children: if you have problems with the child, put him to sleep. Not in the literal sense, but stay with him side by side, talk. I try to follow it. After all, problems with children often arise from the fact that we do not hear them, we start either immediately advise or condemn. Alina, my conversations are very necessary now. So I sneak to her in difficult moments, hug her, chat about something, share with each other.

Said: “To my daughter did not slam the door, I had to remove it from the hinges.” Then I realized that I was not alone.

Aline in this period is extremely necessary for my attention. Age is like that. I have a favorite story. It happened a year ago in Los Angeles. Before the appearance of Hector, I quarreled with Alinka and was terribly upset. A nurse came to me at the clinic: “What are you so worried about?” I answered: “Imagine, I have to give birth, but I quarreled with my daughter, screamed at her, I’m nervous.” She asked: “How much to her?” I: “Twelve.” She smiled: “Do not worry, at 21 everything will be fine again. To me, so that my daughter does not slam the door, I had to remove her from the hinges. ” And then I realized that I was not alone. The main reasons for our misunderstanding with Alina is that we grew up in absolutely different conditions. I’m a girl from an eerily poor family. My teacher and mother raised me with my brother (Roman is older than three years – note “Antennas”), my father left the family when I was five, my grandparents lived in another city. We did not have any money or connections. To achieve something, I ran around casting, grabbing for any work, studying, trying. As a child, I did not have a single Barbie doll, and when my mother bought a Chinese counterfeit, she was incredibly happy. Alina grew up in prosperity. She has everything. How can I limit it? Do not buy her good clothes, give her to a bad school? She sees that I walk in expensive things. But she has no incentive to earn to survive, as I had.

I realized that you need to motivate your daughter with other things. For example, during the show “Around the world during the decree,” in which I took part along with Alina and Hector, my daughter received a salary from me. Allocated to her 10 thousand rubles for each issue. This allowed Alina to save up the money she spent at her own discretion. I believe that the child must have his own means. Then there is a reassessment of values, he learns to dispose of them.

A month and a half ago was a touching moment. Alina told me: “Mom, my friends are flying to Dubai. Please, let’s go with them. ” I told her: “Daughter, I do not rest for no reason, I can not afford this for a long time.” Ever since I gave birth to Hector, I combine leisure either with filming, or with tours. And then Alina suggested: “I have 40 thousand left, I can let them go at the expense of our rest, but please, let’s go together.” I almost burst into tears. And agreed. Of course, she did not take money from her. I explain to Alina that I can provide her with shoes, clothes, give a good education, but she must earn herself for optional things like expensive cosmetics. I’m learning how she can do it. There is internet, YouTube, if you do not want to be in the frame, you can create an interesting public in the “Instagram” on any topic: news about the stars, everything about birds or about cats. Just need to study the question, create a beautiful picture, write, for example, letters to the stars with a request to mention your public in social networks.

Anna Sedokova: "A former husband wants to deprive me of parental rights"On Anna: Max dress & Co, Maslov Leather Cloak, Stuart Weitzman Sandals, Lisa Smith Earrings. On Alina: top and skirt Elisabetta Franchi, sneakers Jarrett, earrings Lisa Smith Photo: Sonya Gromova. We are grateful to Bosco di Ciliegi and the flagship salon of Danish furniture and accessories BoConcept “Schmitowski” for help with the shooting

If I was interested in such a project, for example, it was devoted to the siba-inu (this is my dog’s breed) with advice on education, I would absolutely free to do advertising in my Instagram. And there, you see, in a month and producers of dog food would offer a contract to the owner of the public. Alina still thinks. And I do not want to put pressure on her. For a long time I realized that everything in life happens violently, does not lead to anything. Therefore, I always emphasize: this is your life, decide for yourself. Last year, Alina went to the Lomonosov School in Moscow. Like any teenager in such a situation, she was afraid that she would not be accepted. But every day I am convinced that this was the right decision. Despite the high standard of living in Los Angeles and the opportunity to study at the best school in Beverly Hills, Alina had few friends. The fact is that in America the education system is different. There are no classes like ours, but there is a parallel, Alinina had 60 children, and they all parted every day for different lessons and all the time mixed up. There is also no permanent class teacher. And parents do not meet with him personally, but mostly communicate by mail. The concept of a “parent group” in WhatsApp exists only with us. There is no such thing anywhere in the world. By this our sincerity, close contact, I was terribly bored. And I’m glad that Alina now has real friends at the Lomonosov school.

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