“Avengers: War of Infinity” beats the record for fees for the debut film

"Avengers: War of Infinity" beats the record for fees for the debut film

"Superheroes" at the premiere "Avengers: The War of Infinity" In Los Angeles

Film "Avengers: War of Infinity" (Avengers: Infinity War) on the starting weekend broke the record for the debut film, having collected, according to preliminary data, 630 million dollars in cinemas around the world on the first weekend after the premiere.

Preliminary data not including China, where there were no premieres, was provided by Exhibitor Relations.

It is already confirmed that "Avengers: War of Infinity" bypasses "Fast and Furious 8" (The Fate of the Furious), which set a record in April 2017, raising $ 542 million for the first weekend after the premiere.

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"The Avengers", apparently, will beat the home record for the premiere, collecting only in the US 250 million dollars.

Official data will appear on Monday, but data on the US already puts it ahead of the previous record holder "Star Wars: The Awakening of Power". The film was released in December 2015 and for the first weekend collected $ 248 million in the US.

"Avengers: War of Infinity" beats the record for fees for the debut film Scarlett Johansson in the film starred in the role of the Black Widow

"Avengers: War of Infinity" beats the record for fees for the debut film

Robert John Downey Jr. plays the Iron Man

Creature "War of Infinity" the directors of the Joe brothers and Anthony Russo cost between 300 and 400 million dollars.

The film tells about the struggle of superheroes with the main villain of comics Marvel Thanos.

Actors, including Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson, Benedict Cumberbatch, Chadwick Bosman and Chris Pratt are the stars of this sequel, the first of two parts.

The second part will be released in May 2019.

"Avengers: War of Infinity" came out 10 years after "Iron Man" (Iron Man) – the very first film from the highly acclaimed series of comic book superheroes Marvel.

The first "The Avengers" appeared in 2012. This film was the previous record for fees for Marvel, earning $ 207 million on the domestic market on the weekend.

"The era of Altrón" (Age of Ultron), the second film in the series "The Avengers", debuted with a fee of 191 million dollars.

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