Beloved oligarch Doronin, eclipsed by Naomi Campbell herself, wore a wedding dress

Beloved oligarch Doronin, eclipsed by Naomi Campbell herself, wore a wedding dressPhoto: Personal page of the publication’s hero in social network

Loud romance of billionaire Vladislav Doronin and “Black Panther” Naomi Campbell ended in 2013. But forget it is difficult, because one of the most important supermodels of our time then almost did not move to permanent residence in Russia for the sake of a loved one. Their relationship was predicted by a great future, but everything collapsed, despite the fact that the construction magnate threw a black wife for the sake of black beauty, with whom he lived in marriage for 22 years.

Today 55-year-old Vladislav Doronin, who is a member of the circle of Hollywood celebrities and looks like a movie star, is officially free. At least no official information that the oligarch made a marriage, no.

But at the same time, for several years Naomi’s place is occupied by a young Russian model from Volgograd. Kristina Romanova is seen in Doronin’s company for many years. And in early 2016 it became known that the billionaire had a second child (his eldest daughter Catherine from his first marriage was 21, – Ed.). Mom became the baby Christina.

Today, Kristina Romanova is still in the status of a beloved oligarch. Journalists already noticed the luxurious rings with heavy diamonds on her graceful fingers. But how does the model look in the wedding dress? The bride of the 23-year-old Christina turned out dazzling. Romanova put on a snow-white lace outfit from the Spanish brand Pronovias as part of the fashion week.

Beloved oligarch Doronin, eclipsed by Naomi Campbell herself, wore a wedding dress

Thank you you @pronovias @moreau.herve for having me at your beautiful show! It s always a pleasure

By the way, this show was visited by Irina Sheik, who, as they say, is waiting for the child again.

celebrating #InBloom with the best @irinashayk #pronoviasfashionshow

The mother of the child Vladislav Doronin looked flawless in this image on the naked body.

Kristina Romanova

Recall that Christina Romanova went to conquer America 8 years ago. A promising model was called to New York, having received a portfolio from the Volgograd model agency, where the girls believed in success. In the US she flew with her father. Having become an adult, Romanova became accustomed to the oceans and at one of the events she got acquainted with the father of her future child.


Lopyreva measured a figure with the mistress of the oligarch Doronin

Fans are sure that “Miss Russia” even with a photoshop is losing a young model (details)

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