“Can not be! This is a collage!” Nikita Mikhalkov’s grandson grew by his exact replica

Nikita Mikhalkov with grandson Andrey

Anna Mikhalkova published in her microblogging photo, which caused astonishment and delight from her fans. The picture was posed by the eldest son of actress. Andrey and her father – the famous director Nikita Mikhalkov. At first, users did not believe that it was a grandson and grandfather, and not the same person. "Oh my God! I thought that this is a collage of photographs of Nikita Sergeevich in his youth and now "; "It’s like a shot from the movie" And I’m Walking, Walking in Moscow "; "Surprising resemblance! Just one person! A copy! "They wrote.

Anna emphasizes that Andrew went to his grandfather, not only in appearance but also in character. "I love their arguments. Sometimes it seems to me that they are one whole, that this is a conversation with oneself. Just meeting with who you were and with what you will be "- she signed a published photo.

By the way, not so long ago, Andrei celebrated his majority. On this day Anna so touchingly congratulated her son on the landmark event that many of her microblogging. "18 years … I do not know why they flew so quickly. I did not notice them. 18 years of clarifying relationships, quarrels, reconciliation, disappointment, admiration, discovery, and, most importantly, 18 years of friendship and love! – wrote the actress. – This year is one of the most difficult for me, probably just for the time comes when my participation in your life is not so necessary. It’s time to let go of this little hot hand that I’ve been holding all these years! We are always there, but everything depends on your choice! Happy Birthday".

Photo: Still from the film "And I’m walking along Moscow"

72-year-old Nikita Mikhalkov was injured, because of, he had to undergo a medical examination in Nizhny Novgorod. This is reported by RIA Novosti with reference to the press service of the director.

According to representatives of Mikhalkov, he slipped and fell, after which it was decided to conduct a survey in a local hospital. Serious injuries to the director was not found, so that hospitalization was avoided. Nikita Sergeyevich commented personally. "Yes, I fell, it was very slippery when I got out of the car," says the artist. – I feel fine. They just made an MRI, made a bandage, and stuck it in order not to have a hematoma, because I hit my head badly. "

It is worth noting that the fall is on ice at this age is very dangerous, so that Mikhalkov’s fans are now overjoyed that everything has ended well.

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