Quintessence Party

Quintessence Party

May 8 in Sqaut 3/4 will be the traditional Quintessence party, where the best forces of the local electronic scene will gather. At the event, nine special live performances will be performed, inspiring installations will shine, and the intricacies of iron and wires will be impressed. All this will happen in two isolated dance areas of your favorite club-maze.

Anton Kubikov will perform with the project Jūras Lietus, which involves modulators and analog drum machines. To ask eternal questions in the format of a techno-rave will be the duo Interchain. Finally, the consciousness is shaken up by the hypnotic techno and electro-rhythms of Knigi (DE), Duo Poima, Unbalance, Kovyazin D, Prisheletz, Synkronized and ACID TEST. Participants in the live program will be supported by Nikita Zabelin, Linkid 66, Timur Omar and Worx, who are not in need of representation.

The entrance fee is 1000 rubles, the age of the guests is 18+, face control is in effect.

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Photo: Anton Kubikov / Jūras Lietus’s page Vkontakte

Open lessons on vocals and speech technology in Izmailovsky Park

Open lessons on vocals and speech technology in Izmailovsky Park

Free classes in acting skills, speech technique and vocals for children and adults with a professional teacher will be held in Izmailovsky Park from May 4 to July 31. Dreams become a reality – now, to master various techniques of speech, rhythmoplasty and develop voice capabilities, it is not necessary to enroll in expensive music schools.

The classes will be conducted by the opera singer and graduate of “Gnesinka” Angelica Glazkova. It is under her sensitive guidance that listeners will comprehend the possibilities of their breathing apparatus, reveal talents, discover new facets of their charm, increase vocabulary and diction and play theater games. Classes are designed for both children and adults, but will be held according to age groups, so be sure to check the schedule before visiting. And do not forget to register!

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The most significant musical events of 2015 | P.1

What was the year 2015 memorable in the music world? Farewell to the fans of the groups, the disintegration and castling in the composition of collectives, justified and unjustified expectations. Unfortunately, there were also no losses. Let us sum up the outgoing 365 days and refresh our most vivid events in memory.

The most difficult event of this year, which also affected the music community, is, of course, the tragedy in Paris on November 13. A terrible evening took the lives of many, including those who came to the concert Eagles Of Death Metal in the Bataklan. Soon after the catastrophe, most of the musicians refused the European tour and went home. EODM itself managed to return to the capital of France and give a full concert in front of the locals.

Unfortunately, this was not the only gloomy incident in which many people suffered. On October 31, a fire broke out in one of the nightclubs in Bucharest. The incident occurred during the performance of a local metal band Goodbye To Gravity. 27 people were killed and 200 were seriously injured, including members of the collective. The owners of the institution were called to account.

In early June, at the traditional German festival Rock Am Ring 33 people were injured. This time the mother nature itself was the blame, sending lightning to the venue of the event. This, however, did not make the organizers refuse to hold the remaining speeches.

Time, alas, does not spare anybody and nothing. While some, like, for example, Metallica, say that they are not going to retire, others, on the contrary, are completing their careers. 31th of December Motley Crue gave their very last concert. The musicians traveled with a tour of the US and Europe and now, under the terms of the signed agreement, are obliged to stop the concert activity.

Legendary Black Sabbath just got ready to say goodbye to the fans. Rejecting the idea of ​​releasing the last album, which, according to Ozzie, nobody needs, they will still give a number of concerts, the first of which will take place at the end of January. And on July 12 Osborne and the company will speak to the Moscow audience.

David Bowie But he decided to give up concert activity only. He is not going to throw music – on the birthday of the musician, his new album Blackstar will see the light.

Scott Weiland

The most significant musical events of 2015 | P.1AJ Perot

The most significant musical events of 2015 | P.1Chris Squire

The most significant musical events of 2015 | P.1BB King

The most significant musical events of 2015 | P.1Boris Rubekin

The most significant musical events of 2015 | P.1

Lemmy Kilmister

2015 was not without changes in the composition of groups. So in January of Blink-182 again left Tom DeLong. However, recently he expressed a desire to return to the group. While Blink-182 write new material together with the vocalist Alkaline Trio Matt Skiba.

Group Mushroomhead also broke up with her vocalist By Waylon Rivis.

AT Emmure there was a slightly different situation – at the end of December all the participants left the group, except the vocalist Frankie Palmeri.

Another deprivation this year was Avenged Sevenfold. In July, the band left the drummer Erin Elahay. True, he was already replaced.

One of the most controversial groups of the year is the Guns N’Roses. In April, the musicians denied rumors about their disintegration and even promised to release the album in 2016. However, in the summer two guitarists left the band: DJ Asheba and Ron “Bumblefoot” Tal. And at the end of the year there were rumors about the reunion of the classic composition of Guns N’Roses.

Sex, drugs and rock and roll – it is under this slogan that the life of any self-respecting star passes. This stereotype has developed around a long time and, unfortunately, only confirmed by court proceedings, which feature the names of famous rockers. At the beginning of the year, the bass player Gieser Butler, who was arrested after a fight in a bar. However, everything ended well: after the musician had sobered up, he was released.

Vocalist Korn, Jonathan Davis, failing with the opening of his American Museum of Serial Killers, was held accountable for refusing to pay money to investors after the project failed. This time, Davis was rescued by lawyers, but now he owes money to them.

A lot of noise in the past year did it Phil Rudd. The musician was charged with attempted murder and possession of drugs. He was taken into custody, late for hearings, as a result, the court ruled on an eight-month home arrest and ordered the musician to pay a fine. The behavior of the drummer, unfortunately, leaves much to be desired, so it is still unknown whether there will be any continuation of this story or not, for now the group AC / DC forced to speak without him.

The news department of Rockcult congratulates you on the holidays and promises to keep in the course of the most important events in the new year.

Above the material worked: Anastasia Krivasheeva, Dmitry Melnikov, Shakya Santa, Anastasia Shatalina, Katerina Gaft

10 of the most steep supervillains of Marvel

Good guys – it’s boring, bad – always drayvovo and unpredictable. To the release of the film “The Avengers: The Age of the Altron” oKino.ua recalls the top ten most abominable evildoers in the Marvel universe: from the mad Doctor Doom to the alien parasite Venom.

Dr. Doom

The main enemies: Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, Avengers, X-Men

The son of a gypsy witch, a genius in physics and genetics, a scientist and a wizard. Dr. Doom is one of the main super villains in the history of comic books. For the first time in the Marvel universe, he appeared in 1962, was originally known as the ruler of Latveria, a small country that separated from Hungary. His face is covered with scars from an unsuccessful experiment, the body is clothed in a titanium armored suit that contains a built-in nuclear installation that empowers Dr. Dumas super-strong.

10 of the most steep supervillains of Marvel

The main enemies: X-Men

Max Eisenhardt is a Jew born in fascist Germany. He was hiding in the Warsaw ghetto, he was a prisoner of Auschwitz and subsequently became a mutant with a super ability to control magnetic fields and metal. According to legend, Magneto tried to save his loved ones from the Holocaust, but he could not do it. As a result, he became embittered all over the world, vowed to protect mutants from such a fate, even at the cost of ordinary people’s lives.

The main enemies: Thor, the Avengers

For a long time Loki was considered the main villain in the Marvel universe. He threatened not only his brother Torah, but also many other superheroes. It was Loki who became one of the reasons for the appearance of the Avengers and he, in the performance of Tom Hiddleston, was one of the most popular characters in the first film about the superhero team. Loki – the god of fire and destruction, borrowed from the Scandinavian legends. He has black magic, has a superpower and is able to turn into a beast. In addition, Loki is still a manipulator, and his specific black humor immediately became the calling card of this hero.

10 of the most steep supervillains of Marvel

The main enemies: Fantastic Four

Galactus is the legendary World Eater who, to quench his hunger, consumes whole planets, feeding on their energy. He has great power and seems almost unbeatable. Often, however, tries to not personally engage in fights, sending instead of his assistants like the Silver Surfer. It’s only with the movie Galactus has not yet formed – his only appearance on the big screen was the movie “Fantastic Four”.

10 of the most steep supervillains of MarvelThe Green Goblin

The main enemies: Spider-Man, The Avengers

Norman Worgil Osborne was once the richest man in New York. But during the unsuccessful experiment on creating a super-soldier, he received a strong dose of gas. So he gained supernormal abilities and became completely insane, deciding to take the pseudonym of the Green Goblin and become a criminal. In the movie, Osborne died after a fight with Spider-Man. In comics, he managed to survive, and then created several villainous organizations like the “Dark Avengers”.

The main enemies: The Avengers

Before his appearance in the teaser after the credits of the film “The Avengers” about Tanos, many viewers did not even hear. However, this evil titan is well known to fans of comic books Marvel. Thanos was a mutant since birth and is literally the embodiment of death. We have already seen him in “The Guardians of the Galaxy”, he also glimpses in the movie “The Avengers: The Age of the Altrone” and further must necessarily encounter a team of superheroes. The director of the first two “Avengers” Joss Weedon and does call Thanos “the most powerful villain Marvel.”

10 of the most steep supervillains of Marvel

The main enemies: The Avengers, The Ant Man

Another antagonist of the Marvel universe, which we will see in the new part of the Avengers. According to the comic books, the Altron is a robot created by the scientist Hank Pym (Ant Man). He planned to use it for good purposes, but he failed and turned into one of the main threats to humanity. The altron despises everything alive and it is almost impossible to destroy it. After each battle, he creates his own new variation, which becomes more powerful every time. In the “Altron of the Altron” this character is created by two of the Avengers, and the robot’s personality (which he has) is complex and full of contradictions.

Red Skull

The main enemies: Captain America, Spiderman

There are three versions of the Red Skull in comics. In the first two he was an agent of Nazi Germany and confronted Captain America. In the third, he became a Communist who was involved in the KGB and was responsible for the death of parents of Peter Parker and President Kennedy. The red skull is a hired killer who knows no pity and is capable of everything, for the sake of his goal. It is believed that his anger and strength comes from the brutal upbringing and side effects of the serous super-soldier.

10 of the most steep supervillains of Marvel

The main enemies: X-Men

Apocalypse is one of the oldest mutants on Earth (only Selena is considered older). Known earlier under the name of En Sabah Nur, he was born in Egypt in the middle of the XXX century BC. e. Among his super abilities are superhuman strength, invulnerability, regeneration, energy management, telekinesis and telepathy. The apocalypse is everywhere accompanied by four of his servants – the so-called Horsemen of the Apocalypse (War, Famine, Mor, Death). On the screen for the first time we will see this character in May 2016, when the film “X-Men: Apocalypse” will be released.

The main enemies: Spiderman

The alien parasite and the many-faced villain, who is a symbiote and moves to different people. Initially, he was portrayed as a dumb creature looking for a new master. But then he gained independence and got the opportunity to speak. At various times he sat in the body of various enemies of the Spider-Man, each time receiving new super-capabilities.

“Soyuzmultfilm” showed the second series of the new “Prostokvashina”

The web has a second part of the new adventures of Uncle Fyodor, a dog and a cat. The timing of the episode again amounted to six and a half minutes.

Published a month ago first series "Return to Prostokvashino" for today has typed more than 25 million views.

Earlier it was reported that "Soyuzmultfilm" The official channel for YouTube, But while the playground for the premiere again are the pages of the studio in social networks "In contact with" and "Classmates".

The pace of the narrative in the second episode markedly slowed. Uncle Fedor with Matroskin and Sharik are trying to extract electricity with the help of a bicycle rented from Pechkin. Mom and Dad are trying to break through to the children through the cork to tell the glad tidings – they decided to build a big house with a swimming pool in Prostokvashino.

The series will be released once a month, that is, the next episode will be available in early June. "Soyuzmultfilm" plans to release 30 episodes.

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Henry Cavill recorded a video in memory of the scandalous mustache

Henry Cavill recorded a video in memory of the scandalous mustache

Henry Cavill finally shaved off his whiskers, because of which in 2017 a serious dispute erupted between the creators of the League of Justice and the last part of the franchise Mission: Impossible. The result was recorded on the video.

In the summer of 2017, the cast of the League of Justice was sent for retake. In the process of work there was an unexpected problem: Cavill was already filming in the blockbuster “Mission Impossible: Consequences,” where his character, a CIA agent, wears a mustache. Paramount studio did not allow the actor to shave them, because of what Warner had to spend several million dollars to erase the mustache in post-production digitally. The result, which the audience saw in theaters, was, to put it mildly, strange.

But today, the mustache has come to an end. Twitter @BossLogic even made a special poster.

– BossLogic (@Bosslogic) March 21, 2018

With the release of the “League of Justice” on blu-ray came to an end and the rental of blockbuster Zack Snyder. Of all the films of the movie-driven DC, the picture of the superhero team showed the worst result. With an official budget of $ 300 million excluding advertising and filing costs, the tape raised $ 678 million. For comparison: “Wonder Woman” has collected 822 million dollars, and “Squad of suicides” – 747 million dollars.

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Does Darth Vader need a psychotherapist? Scientists in the podcast of the “Star Wars”

Does Darth Vader need a psychotherapist? Scientists in the podcast of the "Star Wars"

In honor of the Day of “Star Wars” (May the 4th be with you) we release a special composite podcast in which three scientists talk about different aspects of the universe created by Lucas from a scientific point of view.

On the psychological portrait of Darth Vader

Why did Anakin Skywalker move to the dark side? Through what changes has passed his personality and what has formed Darth Vader? What makes him so cute for spectators as a villain? Clinical psychologist Denis Bukin talks about one of the main characters of “Star Wars”.

About how to create a lightsaber

Why to create a light sword rather fit a plasma than a laser? What do the Light Sword and Death Star have in common? Where can I buy kaiber crystals? The physicist Artem Martynenko thinks about the technologies that would be useful for creating weapons from the Star Wars.

About midichlorians in human cells

How is energy synthesized in the living world? What do the midichlorians and mitochondria have in common? How is the Force related to glucose? Genetic physician Irina Zhigulina compares the discoveries of modern biology with the theory of Force in Star Wars.

Special show of the documentary “Shoah” about the Holocaust tragedy

Special show of the documentary "Shoah" about the Holocaust tragedy

On the day of the Great Victory at the Oktyabr cinema, the legendary film of French director Claude Lanzman will be shown, which told the story of the most massive tragedy of the Jewish people through interviews with people involved in the Holocaust. The film lasts more than 9 hours, so for convenience it will be divided into two parts.

Lanzman investigated four main locations of the Holocaust – the Chelmno camps, Auschwitz, Treblinka and the Warsaw ghetto. At the same time, there is not a single archive photo and video material in the film: the stories of eyewitnesses, former German officers and surviving prisoners are much more eloquent. On the cover of the film – a photo of one of the interviewers – a train wagon train driver, forced to transport his passengers to Treblinka and return empty trains. Among the other participants were local residents who witnessed these terrible transportations, a member of the Sonderkommando burning bodies, the escaped Auschwitz prisoner, the survivors of Chelmno, the Nazi administrator who maintained contact with the leaders of the Warsaw ghetto, and others.

A grandiose film on the scale and honesty of trying to “finalize the Jewish question” gathered a huge number of awards at various film festivals, but predictably caused a whole wave of disputes and discussions. Your opinion about this sensational documentary confession you can make personally, if you come to “October” by 12 o’clock on the 1st part or by 17:30 on the 2 nd. Tickets for 350 rubles.

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Photo: still from the film "Shoah"

Svetlana Khodchenkova fights for primacy in fencing in the film “On the Edge”

Svetlana Hodchenkova will play the role of one of the country’s best saber fencers in the first film in the history of Russian cinema about fencing “On the point“.

In the stream Eduard Bordukov will also be removed Stasya Miloslavskaya, Sergey Puskepalis, Alexey Barabash, Evgeny Sytiy and Sophia Ernst. The producer of the picture was Elena Glickman. Shooting of the film will last until May 15.

Svetlana Khodchenkova fights for primacy in fencing in the film "On the Edge"

photo: Film Studio TELESTO

«The ultimate goal for any athlete is to become an Olympic champion. I was interested to tell the story of people obsessed with a great goal. What happens to a person, how far is he willing to go, is he ready to make a deal with his conscience for the sake of achieving his cherished goal“, – said the director.

The plot of the picture is the story of Russia’s two best saber-dwellers. One of them has long been on top of the glory, the second suddenly burst into the national team and begins to win almost all the tournaments. Between the two great fencers, real battles begin – both in tournaments and in life.

6 shocking rocker weddings

6 shocking rocker weddings

Photo – oldpicz.com

Everyone knows about this wedding, and in many respects thanks not only to the glory of Lennon, but also to the unconventional approach to this celebration. The marriage of a musician and artist took place on March 20, 1969 in Gibraltar. The couple registered their marriage at the British Embassy, ​​and it took them about an hour. Right after that, the happy newlyweds flew to Paris, and from there to Amsterdam, where they held their famous recumbent demonstration for peace.

Surprised the public and unusual outfits of lovers. Both were dressed quite simply: John Lennon – in jeans, a sweater and a jacket, Yoko Ono – in sneakers, golf, hat and a plain short dress.

This wedding can really be called one of the most unconventional: the rapid passage of formal procedures away from home, the change of the second name of Lennon to Ono (a kind of way to take the name of his wife), outfits such as a pair went out for a walk in the park, a swift journey through European cities, Honeymoon in bed, surrounded by journalists. Not surprisingly, this wedding has stirred not only the fans of The Beatles, but the entire public.

6 shocking rocker weddings

Photo – izuminki.com

Wedding of vocalist The Rolling Stones and former actress is known not only to all music lovers, but also to people, fond of fashion. Wedding attire Bianchi, who was 4 months pregnant, made a real sensation: she wore a white tuxedo directly on her naked body. To appear before the priest with such a decollete was really bold.

Judging by the faces of the newlyweds photographed in the photographs, the wedding did not become for them the happiest day in life. Bianca looks disappointed, Mick rather angry. The couple was late for their own wedding, because of which the mayor threatened to cancel the ceremony. In addition, journalists and photographers were especially intrusive on this day, not allowing the newlyweds to step and step (literally). Of course, all this could not but affect their mood.

6 shocking rocker weddings

Photo – vintag.es →

The wedding of Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love is difficult to qualify as shocking or traditional. On the one hand, the wedding celebration took place in a narrow family circle, without a press, in a paradise corner in Hawaii. On the other hand, Kurt was dressed in green flannel pajamas, and Courtney took the wedding dress of Francis Farmer, an actress with a rather scandalous reputation. The priest at the ceremony, they say, was a woman. Because of the lack of journalists at the wedding, information about the celebration has always been little. However, the couple’s friends testified that Cobain was crying with happiness, and Courtney Love did not utter a tear.

6 shocking rocker weddings

Photo – theplace2.ru →

Noise this wedding did, no doubt, not because of the rock musician, but because of his bride. This strange marriage lasted only 4 months, and the wedding was such that it was remembered by everyone for a long time.

Celebrated the celebration on the yacht, away from prying eyes and paparazzi, but nevertheless some details of this shocking wedding became known to the general public. For example, the fact that at the wedding ceremony Pamela was wearing a white bikini and a light white robe draped over it. It also had a veil on it. Kid Rock was dressed like he went to the nearest supermarket for a pack of milk: in a white T-shirt and a black cap.

At the wedding there were only 15 people, the main drink, in addition to traditional champagne, was beer.

6 shocking rocker weddingsPhotos – exploregram.com

“We wanted our wedding to be remembered for a long time!” – Marilyn Manson once confessed. The desired effect was definitely achieved. The couple held a celebration in the Irish castle, which certainly added entourage to their party in the style of the XIX century. Wedding vows for lovers wrote the director Alejandro Khodorovski, he also held the ceremony itself.

Manson at the wedding was with the usual make-up, in a black velvet suit, Dita von Teese reminded the Gothic queen in a gorgeous dress from Vivienne Westwood. The designer herself, being a big fan of the work of Marilyn Manson, was happy to create a wedding dress for his bride and was among the guests at this celebration.

Entertainment for guests at the wedding were also thematic: archery and hunting. And from cocktails served “Bloody Mary.” In general, the theme of the wedding was kept from and to, and the celebration itself was very atmospheric and memorable.

6 shocking rocker weddings

Photo – casarei.net →

Wedding bassist Fall Out Boy Pete Wentz and singer Ashley Simpson became a good example of a well-organized thematic party. The fact is that the couple decided to play the wedding in the style of “Alice in Wonderland”.

At the feast, held in the house of the parents of the bride, everything was thought through to the smallest detail. The house itself was decorated in red and black colors, the bridesmaids’ dresses were also black (as was the second dress of the bride). An interesting detail of the celebration was the black roses. As you can see, the celebration turned out to be somewhat gothic. To adhere to the themes of the wedding, the newlyweds decided to turn their bulldog into the Cheshire Cat. He successfully replaced the traditional child in the costume of an angel and passed them to a pair of their rings.

This wedding was done with great attention to detail. Each bottle with a drink was decorated with the inscription “Drink me”, and guests were handed out cakes with the message “Eat Me.” The wedding cake was made in the form of a hat, on which stood a clock and a teapot. Snacks lay on trays in the form of playing cards, and the territory around the house was decorated with giant teapots and cups decorated with flowers.

6 shocking rocker weddings