The scandal continues! Anna Sedakova on the struggle for daughter

The scandal continues! Anna Sedakova on the struggle for daughterAnna Sedokova

Few people guessed what a difficult period now for the singer Anna Sedokova (35). As it turned out, the actress struggles for her youngest daughter Monica (6). Anna’s former husband, businessman Maxim Chernyavsky (32) wants to deprive her of her parental rights.

The scandal continues! Anna Sedakova on the struggle for daughter

Fans of the singer have long noticed that in Instagram Sedokova almost no new photos with her daughter Monica. Now the cause became known.

Recall, Anna Sedokova and Maxim Chernyavsky became parents of the daughter, who was named Monika, July 24, 2011. The singer also brings up her 13-year-old daughter Alina from her first marriage with football player Valentin Belkevich and one-year-old son Hector from businessman Artyom Komarov (27).

The scandal continues! Anna Sedakova on the struggle for daughter

And if several years after the divorce, Sedokova and Chernyavsky brought up their daughter together and found a common language, but now it became known that the singer and her child can only be seen in the presence of representatives of American law enforcement agencies. The former husband intends to deprive Sedokov of his parental rights and permanently leave the child in the United States. On a difficult situation Anna Sedokova told the publication

“For eight months now, I have no opportunity to communicate with her normally, just to be around. Her father, the man I trusted, went against me by war. Maxim decided to deprive me of the maternal rights, and I absolutely do not understand why. I never forbade him to see my daughter, take her. Maxim and his grandmother took Monica to America and went to court, “Sedokova shared.

The main witness against Anna was the grandmother of her ex-husband, who is convinced that Sedokova can take the child who is a US citizen.

“They said that I’m dangerous for the child, I can take her to Russia, and since there is not a pact about the Hague Convention between our country and America, there is a risk for Monica as a citizen of America, that I will not give her,” Anna said.

The singer decided to admit now, to motivate women who survived this and stayed alone with their children, not to be afraid. Of course, it is not easy to fight for a daughter, so Anna Sedokova works as a noodle and hopes for a good outcome of the situation.

“All that I now earn, I spend on lawyers. I’m fighting against the system, against hundreds of thousands of dollars. Since September I have done everything in my power. I will fight for Monica. But in order to pay for lawyers, I have to earn. A lot of. On the part of Maxim spent hundreds of thousands. And I also have to pay. I have lawyer accounts for 50-60 thousand dollars. An hour of legal work costs 600 dollars. Therefore, I work, earn, sing funny songs and fight for my child. “

And today the singer shared a photo in Instagram and openly told about the situation: “I wanted to share with you. For two days now, you know about what is happening to me and Monica. For months I was very scared to talk about it, because I understood how furious it can be. During these two days, the best lawyers on international law called us, the three main TV channels are ready to support and cover this issue, dozens of the country’s best journalists and hundreds of letters from moms who found themselves in the same situation as me! I felt that not alone, that we can help each other. Now, I can only meet with my daughter with a guard who, when we are hugging at night, sleep (and I’m grateful to God for this opportunity, because many do not have it), sits and looks at us. So much, I do not even understand how to tell everything and really do not want to. All the time I doubt if you need it, but then I read your letters and understand that # is necessary! And this photo, it with a smile! Because now, I’m not alone anymore !! Because I will not lose my hand !!! Because, no matter how bitterly inside, I will smile and do my best to help us and those who need my help! Now we # together! We do not break! And love will win and everyone will live together. “

Potapa was ashamed of Nastya Kamensky’s “insulting” congratulation

Potapa was ashamed of Nastya Kamensky's "insulting" congratulation

Yesterday Nastya Kamensky celebrated the 31st anniversary. The birthday girl received hundreds of pleasant congratulations from her colleagues and fans on her birthday. Many were waiting for what would be written for Nastia in social networks by her colleague Potap (Alexei Potapenko). It is his many fans who consider the alleged “secret” fiancé of the artist. The singer left a message on the Web for Kamensky, which seriously puzzled fans.

In his congratulations, Potap compared Nastya with the girls of “easy virtue”. He dedicated a poem to Kamensky, in which he told about her best qualities. It should be noted that Potap’s congratulations were severely criticized by the fans of the artist, who considered him insulting. Nastya herself did not support the fans and called the poem “cool and original.” Here is how the greeting congratulated by Potap: “Dear Anastasia Alexeevna, in the first lines of my letter, I want to congratulate you NK with HBD (Happy birthday) and in delightful delight, to say poetry to you.

Seven billion people, but only a few give happiness,

Among which are you, baby, Nastya.

Your soul is illuminated by the good of your actions

And let the envy of the singer-about *** turkey sizzle.

You are not like that, we are all this, Nast, we understand perfectly,

You were born to say that “I am different.”

So shine internationally, on Mount Olympus

And let your envious ones eat the hot lava.

Among the thousands of star shows and pornstars of German,

The answer to the question will always be – Kamensky! “

Timur Batrutdinov showed who exchanged Olga Buzova

To watch the video, devices with an operating system of at least iOS 7 or Android 4.4 for mobile devices, Windows XP or Mac OS X 10.5 with Safari, Chrome or Firefox browsers of the latest versions for desktop computers are recommended. On lower versions of operating systems, correct playback is not guaranteed.

Timur Batrutdinov recently published provocative shots of recreation with models in the hotel. In the filming of the video took part at once a few half-naked beauties. The video was shot during the candid photo session of Timur.

In his microblog, Batrutdinov revealed some details of the work on the set: “We went into the corridor of the hotel and began to move erotically under Tanya’s directorial direction (photographer Tatyana Ivanova – commentary). I was in a suit, and the beautiful girls were in the best of women’s outfits, demonstrating the beauty of the female body, that is, practically naked. We managed to move about for ten minutes, when suddenly an angry caretaker jumped at us behind surveillance cameras and with the words: “What are you letting yourself ?!”, interrupted our nu-art flight … “

The fans of Olga Buzovoy, with whom Timur was recently credited with the novel, are sure: the showman was entertained with models in order to annoy the “House-2” star. “I’m ready for a lot to attract Buzovy’s attention again,” “She walks through the rooms and looks for Olga, the video’s subtext is obvious!”, “It would be effective if Buzov was in the last room”, – Timur’s subscribers write.

Recall that a couple of months ago in social networks, the upcoming wedding of Buzovy and Batrutdinov was vigorously discussed. It all started with an innocuous joke of two TNT stars about the planned marriage, and “poured out” into the resort novel discussed by everyone. Although Olga assured the fans that she and Timur have only friendship, many are still convinced that Buzov and Batrutdinov were connected by much closer relations.

Timur Batrutdinov showed who exchanged Olga Buzova

Duchess Catherine showed unique footage with a newborn son

Recycling in Ufa |

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Recycling in Ufa |


Recycling in Ufa |

Ecological post, eco-post. I periodically ask in private messages and comments about what and where I hand over for recycling in Ufa – and I have long wanted to make a post to share information with everyone)

I do not know how many readers here from Ufa, but even if 2-3 gossips are useful – it will be good)

In general, vkontakte many groups in different cities, where there is relevant information – see groups for separate collection in their city)

So, about Ufa. The situation we have is more dire than in Moscow and St. Petersburg, where you can hand over almost everything for recycling, but still we can give something back)

First, we have a company like Clean City

They have two large bases at Sobinov and in Chernikovka, as well as a bunch of storage bins around the city.

Addresses here, the price here.

What do I take into the Clean City?

Recycling in Ufa |1. glass (transparent / colored)

Recycling in Ufa |2. Waste paper

Recycling in Ufa |

3. Aluminum

Recycling in Ufa |

4. pet 01 bottles are transparent

Recycling in Ufa |

bottles of pet can still be thrown into the grids around the city, but with them there is often some confusion: some do not take out, somewhere they have been removed.

we simply copy it into a package and give it to the Clean City.

5. hdpe 02

Recycling in Ufa |

hpde 02 earlier still handed over to garages, but now they stopped taking it.

In the bins of the Clean City are accepted. (it is in bunkers, there are no bases).

So on this with the Clean City we have everything.

Secondly, there is such a community Saturday-recycling

There once a month (the last Saturday of the month usually) you can turn in everything that we can generally hand over for recycling. If you are lazy to be taken to the Clean City, you can take all of the above.

There I take away, when I accumulate every few months:

1. pet 01 everything, except for the transparent bottles – it’s the packing from the cookies and so on, the opaque bottles pet

2. Tin cans – they are handed over to scrap collectors. In principle, you can surrender on your own, but home volumes are usually impractical to drag to a far-located base.

Recycling in Ufa |

in general, we do not process it in the region, but the girls from the joint venture have found some sort of recycler of waste paper that takes it and mixes it up somewhere in the process of processing.

4. caps – all plastic caps, they are transferred to the project Good lids

Recycling in Ufa |

A complete list of what they can be attributed – you can see in the group, I wrote what I include there)

They accept what the Clean City takes and clothes (clean and packaged by m / f and size) and something else.

Yes, at the Saturday-recycling address there is a club Without zatej – there I give away old jeans that you can not wear anymore – they sew bags in the club, something else.

Recycling in Ufa |

Further ))

Broken household appliances goes to CompAaster on Parkhomenko

Recycling in Ufa |

Clothes (about old jeans, see above)))

3. tetra-pak and similar packaging

In general, there are many different options. We used to put everything in the church, but it’s uncomfortable there now and how everything is distributed there.

I now give everything I wear to the Bank for the reception of clothes for Tsyurupa

There is also the Shop of Blagodarya on Guryevskaya – they sort the clothes and give some to the needy, some sell it – and give it away with money.

Next, Batteries and bulbs – in the boxes around the city

Recycling in Ufa |

And there is such a rubbish-gudbai group

They themselves come and take the garbage (all of the above) – but they have a fee in my opinion of 100 rubles per trip.

In Moscow, I used to use the project Collector – I do not know if he is working now, he was never in Ufa.

If you take something in the Clean City – they give money for raw materials (pennies, but none the less)

Saturday-processing takes everything for free.

Recycling in Ufa |

Still now the beginning of a bike season and I have asked a question where to put old bicycle covers – they can be handed over in the company which process automobile tire covers – for example, in Vertical.

Fuh, like everything)

Recycling in Ufa |

If there are questions, ask)

Details about the types of debris and marking can be found in the groups mentioned here. As you can see, we have a grief in Ufa and you can only take 01 and 02 plastic, whereas in Moscow, for example, you can take almost all kinds.

Well, a good gifochku finally))

Recycling in Ufa |

“Island of Dogs” – Wes Anderson at its best

"Island of Dogs" - Wes Anderson at its best

The first film in four years, Wes Anderson finally made it to Russia – almost three months after the premiere at the Berlin Film Festival. Maria Kuvshinova saw in it references to important political events of recent times.

"Island of Dogs" - Wes Anderson at its best

On the eve of his sixth or seventh re-election, Mayor Kobayashi – a man with icy gray streaks in blue-black hair and Toshiro Mifune’s face – promises to deport all dogs from the city of Megasaki. The first on the Garbage Island is sent his own guard dog, assigned to the distant relative of the mayor – the orphan boy Atari. Deputies and ordinary citizens, frightened by the flu epidemic among the four-legged, welcome the “final solution to the dog question”; against only the scientist standing on the threshold of the opening of the vaccine, the staff of the school newspaper and the traveler of the Anglo-Saxon democracy, Tracy, who came from Ohio to exchange. Sick and hungry dogs wander through an abandoned dump and do not suspect that they are facing great challenges ahead of them.

“Island of Dogs”, like the previous film by Wes Anderson “Hotel Grand Budapest”, was first shown at the Berlin festival – the most politicized of international film reviews. It seems to be not a suitable place for the author of decorative pobasenok about adult children in a state of tragicomic fiasco. But in a world where everything has become a politics – from gastronomic predilections to flirting, even a puppet cartoon about dogs has a political dimension. Kobayashi comes from an ancient clan that has been at war with dogs for centuries; thanks to the propaganda of his hatred the whole city becomes infected – people who yesterday bought their pets delicacies and dressed them in pretty suits.

"Island of Dogs" - Wes Anderson at its best

It can be said that the dogs in the film are a metaphor for “minorities”; historical analogies are instantly emerging – from Jews in the Third Reich to gays in modern Russia. But there is no “majority”, any society is configured from a variety of “minorities”, you can pull out and deport them by any parameters. The question is rather whether the powers endowed by the authorities will survive those who are powerless – and whether the weak will fight for their rights. Perhaps, it is too schematic, but it is obvious: one desperate daredevil, an independent press and a group of young political activists (note the reference to the anti-conservative youth protests of the Trump era) stand on the path of genocide. But, stepping on unsteady political ground, it is impossible to be liberal enough and progressive for everyone: in the USA, Wes Anderson has already been accused of speculating on a superficially understood Japanese culture (among the films that inspired Ostrov, Porco Rosso and Evangelion) , the exploitation of the stereotype of a “passive Asiatic” and a disparaging attitude towards the Japanese (dogs in the movie talk to each other in English, people in Japanese, they are hardly translated, as if these replicas are not important).

In light of the conservative turn in both America and the world, the liberal Hollywood is giving more and more effort to the propaganda of humanism (especially in children’s cinema). But the “Island of Dogs”, of course, can be looked at and simply as a fairy tale that balances on the border of the charming and disgusting (which are bitten off ears, lacerations and graphic kidney transplantation), but ultimately leads to catharsis.

Batrutdinov showed his “50 shades of gray”

Batrutdinov showed his "50 shades of gray"Resident Comedy had fun at the hotel with half-naked models

Timur Batrutdinov pleased the fans with spicy shots taken during the work on the erotic film of photographer Tatyana Ivanova.

Resident Comedy became one of the heroes of the film. In the short video published in Instagram, you can see the actor himself and the girls-models dressed only in underwear.

As Batrutdinov said, he visited the shooting in a hotel on the banks of the Moskva River to arrange a photo session.

“When the photo session is over, Tatiana suddenly says: "We still have a little time – let’s hooligan?" We went out into the corridor and began to move erotically under Tanya’s directorial directions. Beautiful girls were in the best of women’s dresses showing all the beauty of the female body, that is, practically naked, “said the 40-year-old artist.

He noted that he acted strictly in a suit, and promised to put on the blog other, more “modest” shots of the photo session.

Thank you, the announcement is hidden.

Read also: Batrutdinov exchanged Buzov for a “non-silicone doll”

The video has scored almost thirty thousand views. In the comments fans highly appreciated the clip, and some even stated that the movie is very reminiscent of the famous film, writes “StarHit”.

“50 shades of Batrutdinov. It’s very beautiful, Mr. Gray is resting, “the humorist fans said.

Who will win in the show “the Bachelor”? Collected all the rumors of the Internet

Who will win in the show "the Bachelor"? Collected all the rumors of the Internet

Slowly but surely, we are nearing the finale of a controversial season of the show “the Bachelor.” Heart Yegor creed there are only 5 contenders: Viktoriya Korotkova, G. Ciblis, Aida Urazbakhtina, Olga Lomakina, Anastasia Smirnova. About what is ambiguous (to put it mildly) reputation among the girls in the Network, we already know, and now it’s decided to find out who has what chances to try in the finale wedding dress.

Olga Lomakina (24) and her motto is “keep it coming”

Who will win in the show "the Bachelor"? Collected all the rumors of the Internet

Though the girl was a frequent companion on the dates with Greg, she managed to establish herself as well as decent, educated, and most importantly the economic one. Remember, when Egor brought the girls food, she first ran to set the table? And creed remember. The only obstacle: her mysterious ex-boyfriend. At first we all thought Stas Peha, but later she denied this information. All that is known about him: a popular artist, his name is Stas, often altered. By the way, she is literally obsessed with it, and Egor, as we have seen after the departure of Nicole, thoughts on the former does not tolerate. So the chances of winning the Oli small, but before the final can be reached.

Galina Ciblis (22) and the chamber of secrets the friend zone

Who will win in the show "the Bachelor"? Collected all the rumors of the Internet

Galya can be a good pair for Yegor, but 10 years from now. Network sure: “She’s still a child.” The creed need a real lady, a Gal as a teenager. ” A pity, because Yegor she really is like that (no girl without first liking the guy on a date not summoned), but his party no favors there. Sure, in the farewell scene he will say: “You’re a cool girl to be friends?”

Anastasia Smirnova (27) and the intrigues, scandals, investigations

Who will win in the show "the Bachelor"? Collected all the rumors of the Internet

Egor and Anastasia know for a long time, but that’s hardly their friendship. Rumor has it that Anastasia is called for the highest ratings in the show. Nastia to Yegor already feeling arise. Only it’s not mutual: the bachelor of thoughts that she went too far in intrigue. We suspect that she was next on the flight.

Vika Korotkova (23) and passionate peepers with Creed

Who will win in the show "the Bachelor"? Collected all the rumors of the Internet

But the Wiki has all the chances to win! It was evident at once that this long-legged beauty came to Yegor is a good choice. No wonder she became such a frequent visitor at individual dates. Creed was confused about one thing: she’s still not divorced. But from the promo to the new series it became known that in Moscow Vick will meet with a lawyer to file for divorce. So, it seems, she is determined to fight to the end!

Aida Urazbakhtina (23) – to bronze has not held

Who will win in the show "the Bachelor"? Collected all the rumors of the Internet

Aida is the girl is good, but that’s too chatty. She said the whole city of Naberezhnye Chelny that will be included in the four of them (for which he was fined a large sum). So, with her we will leave in a couple of gears. Still a couple of Egor fans do not see, “Yes she is older than it looks!” – write to the Network.

Dasha Klyukina (22) and her fight outright stuttering

Who will win in the show "the Bachelor"? Collected all the rumors of the Internet

In the Network, believe that Yegor is in love with Dasha. Last time Egor caught up with Dasha on the way to the airport and settled separately from the girls at the hotel in Barcelona. So, from a project he was not expelled, and gave time to think. We are sure that all these lovely video messages to Yegor are just the way to the project. And fans predicting a win of her: “Egor would just pout for cigarettes and calm down.” But he loves Dasha! “. There is even evidence that the project will win it. First, Klyukina annealed at a concert Yegor, and then went to the afterparty (where, according to the rumors, the other girls from the project was not). And secondly, Egor saw a suspiciously similar to the Dasha girl in the restaurant “birch”. Not going to think, but the grand return of Dasha’s waiting.

And who do you think will win?

Coincidence? Stars whose birthday is one day and year

Have you ever met a person who was born with you in one day and year? If so, you probably noticed in it or in it character traits or even external data similar to yours. The same can be said about the stars from our collection. Surprisingly, they look like native people … And this despite the fact that most of them never met with each other.

Coincidence? Stars whose birthday is one day and year

Actresses Drew Barrymore and Olga Budina were born on the same day – February 22, 1975

Just look at the photos Drew Barrymore and Olga Budina, born on February 22, 1975. Do not you think that they are something similar? There is an elusive similarity in their faces, and in the characters – warmth and friendliness.

We can take the example of the opposite sex. For example, Angelina Jolie and Russell Brand, who were born on June 4, 1975. They are by nature rebels: they are not afraid to go against the opinion of society and have a tendency to loneliness. Is this also a coincidence?

And what about handsome men Enrique Iglesias and Mehmet Gonsur? One was born in Spain, the other in Turkey. But both celebrate their birthday on May 8, they love the attention of the opposite sex and are sex symbols of the world.

Some coincidences by temperament of clockwork and amusing are also surprising Jennifer Lawrence and singer Nyushi, born on August 15, 1990, mysterious and romantic Audrey Tautou and Rhone Mitra, born August 9, 1976, gentle and meek Aishwarya Rai and Maria Poroshina, which annually gather friends on November 1, and many, many others. See our gallery below.

Coincidence? Stars whose birthday is one day and year

By the way!

If we talk about mysticism and science, then it should be noted that in astrology there really are concepts of similar characters in people born in one month and year. But to say that representatives of the same sign of astrological and eastern horoscopes may have a similar fate, of course, it is impossible. Yes, and to predict the future only by the date of birth the specialist will never dare. It is important to take into account many factors: the time and place of birth, the name, horoscope of parents and, of course, genetics and education.

Also, do not rely on this or that choice in your life, referring solely to the stars. All astrologers say that each of us can influence or even change our lives. And not only their actions, but also … an elementary change of name or surname. Read about it here.

Magnificent five and the goalkeeper: the most eligible bachelor in the Russian hockey

Magnificent five and the goalkeeper: the most eligible bachelor in the Russian hockeyThe national team of Russia on hockey

On may 4, 2018, many sports fans with a sinking heart watching the progress of the ice hockey world Championship. This year, Russia sent to the competition is surprisingly a very young team. The average age of the Russian athletes for 25-27 years, and then to their personal lives the center of attention. Who are the most enviable grooms of modern hockey?


Magnificent five and the goalkeeper: the most eligible bachelor in the Russian hockeyCyril Whims

April 26, Kirill will Kaprizova turned 21, and he has already become a national hero. This young player scored the winning goal against the national team of Germany, having been pulled out of Russia by a long-awaited victory at the Olympics.

In March 2018 has had that the hockey player allegedly approached skater Aline Sagitova. According to media reports, the athletes had a long conversation on the plane on the way from Olympic Pyeongchang and from the airport “Sheremetyevo” came together.

However, Kirill and Alina do not prefer to comment on the information. Perhaps this is the Olympic champion in figure skating in a couple of weeks will be only 16 years old.

Previously Whims told me that he has a girlfriend, but I did not say her name. Instagram of the young man. However, all the questions concerning his personal life, Cyril prefers not to answer.

Magnificent five and the goalkeeper: the most eligible bachelor in the Russian hockeyThe athlete is managed to make friends with the Russian skaters


Magnificent five and the goalkeeper: the most eligible bachelor in the Russian hockey

Vladislav Gavrikov

Defender Vladislav Gavrikovo this year marks the 23rd year. The young man has already become the bronze medalist of the ice hockey world championship in 2017, and is now successfully played for SKA from St. Petersburg. Petersburg.

Vladislav not officially married, but has long been in a relationship with an attractive brunette named Anastasia. Recently a man touched his beloved. His Instagram is full of photos of the joint, and every year an athlete devotes the second half of a touching post to her birthday.

“It’s more than just a photo.” You, my dear. Happy birthday, love “, once wrote Gavrikov, laying out a touching picture with the beloved.

Magnificent five and the goalkeeper: the most eligible bachelor in the Russian hockeyFans are sure that soon the guys will make the second half of the sentence

Hockey fans are sure that very soon, Vladislav and Anastasia will officially become spouses. The girl often attends the games with the participation of Gavrikova and supports it.


Magnificent five and the goalkeeper: the most eligible bachelor in the Russian hockey

Artem Tooth with sweetheart

Most recently, Artem Tooth became the Olympic champion with the team in hockey. In Pyeongchang supported him beloved Eugenia, a man is found already more than two years. It is known that the lovers met in Khabarovsk, and then moved to Saint Petersburg.

Eugene never ceases to admit how much she is proud of the chosen one. So, in 2017, when the team “SKA” won the Gagarin Cup, the girl devoted to Artem touching Instagram post.

“Today is a double celebration, the first anniversary of a relationship and the best gift for the holiday – my favorite! My man is my champion, my pride, my love,” wrote Eugene.

Magnificent five and the goalkeeper: the most eligible bachelor in the Russian hockeyLovers often travel together

It is known that she works in one of the beauty cultural capital. She is an expert at hair care. Fans of Artem believe that he was incredibly lucky with the chosen one, because Eugene always tries to support the athlete, not missing matches with his participation.


Magnificent five and the goalkeeper: the most eligible bachelor in the Russian hockeyIgor Shesterkin

Goalkeeper Igor Shesterkin 22 years old, and the young man has established itself in the world of hockey. He is often called in the national team, but the ice comes not always. Since the main goalkeeper is considered as Vasily Koshechkin.

A couple of years ago there was an information that Igor was romantically involved with the star of “House-2” Tatiana Kokowai. The girl is posted on the Instagram photos from the hockey matches, but I prefer not to comment on the novel and Shesterkina.

Magnificent five and the goalkeeper: the most eligible bachelor in the Russian hockeyTatiana Chulkova never confirmed a romance with hockey player

Later widespread rumor about the affair with hockey with the other participant “House-2” Yulia Isaeva. Presenter Alla Mikheeva managed to interview the girls in the program “Evening Urgant”. While chatting with a reporter, she was clearly hinted at the romantic status of her communication with Shesterkina.

“After the match it will be clear, I’m free or not.” He’s a very nice person. “He bats well and scored too,” laughing said Isaeva.

Igor himself then denied the information about the affair. The young man continues to evade questions about his personal life, stressing that, on the same place.


Magnificent five and the goalkeeper: the most eligible bachelor in the Russian hockey

Sergey Kalinin

27-year-old native of Omsk Sergey Kalinin in no hurry to marry. Instead, the man focuses on athletic achievements, which is bearing fruit. In 2016 he became the bronze medalist of the ice hockey world championship, and in 2018, received a gold medal in Pyeongchang.

Earlier it was reported that Sergei meets a mysterious stranger, whom he met in Omsk. The pair often appeared together at social events. Now, however, it is unknown.

In an interview, Kalinin noted that it is important to support the ones oneself. According to hockey, the wives of his teammates should always be present in the stands to empathize with and root for second halves. After the man said that he had not officially married.


Magnificent five and the goalkeeper: the most eligible bachelor in the Russian hockey

Pavel Buchnevich

Sports the fate of Paul Buchnevich reminiscent of a fairy tale. In 2016, the 21-year-old athlete from Cherepovets has signed a contract with the team “New York Rangers” and moved to the United States. The young man was happy to talk in interviews about your first impressions about living in America and the local hockey style.

Speaking to reporters, Paul blabbed about his personal life. He is noted that a girlfriend often visits him in the US, but as long as the pair does not live together. The second half waits for Buchnevich in Cherepovets, where he tries to come every year to meet relatives and friends.

However, the fans of the unknown, the name of the beloved of Paul and how long they continued their relationship. While all thoughts of the hockey player busy sports career. In addition, this year his first call up to the national team of Russia for participation in the world Cup.

Seven royal brides who made a career before marriage

Seven royal brides who made a career before marriageThe wedding of Prince of Monaco was one of the most striking events in the history of the principality

While the world is eagerly awaiting the wedding of British prince Harry and his American bride Megan Markle, the BBC looks at the princes of princes from different countries who before the marriage took place professionally.

In July 2011, the famous heartthrob Prince Albert of Monaco took his wife to a South African swimmer, a teacher and instructor Charlene Whittstock. In 2000, she represented her country at the Olympics in Sydney.

The wedding was a colossal media event: only in France the live broadcast of the celebration was watched by more than 7 million people. In addition to fireworks, on the night of July 1 to 2, residents of the principality witnessed a laser show with Jean-Michel Jarre over the water.

Princess Charlene was dressed in a long silk dress from Giorgio Armani, which became the same classic as her late mother-in-law’s wedding dress, Grace Kelly.

Charlene left her career in sports even before her marriage, and then actively engaged in charity. Now the couple is raising two twin kids.


In June 2015, the marriage was combined Swedish crown prince Karl Philip and reality star, model, yoga instructor and former waitress Sofia Hellkvist. Prior to her marriage, Sofia also managed to found a charitable organization that helps children from poor families in South Africa.

The date of the wedding was set for the year ahead, while the royal palace communique indicated that celebrations were scheduled for June, as Sweden at this time of year is incredibly beautiful.

Seven royal brides who made a career before marriageKarl Philip and Sofia Hellkvist on the wedding day literally shone with happiness

On the bride on a festive day was a dress from her compatriot Ida Schostedtv in three shades of white silk and organza.

After the announcement of the wedding of the gun at the royal palace Drottningholm gave 21 volleys.


June is an extremely popular month for marriages of august personalities: for example, Crown Prince of the Japanese Imperial House Naruhito and diplomat Masako Owada chose the same month for the wedding in 1993.

For the ceremony, they dressed in traditional Japanese clothes.

Seven royal brides who made a career before marriageJapanese prince and his bride Masako on wedding day

The future princess grew up in a family of diplomats and lived with her parents in Moscow together.

According to some reports, the princess speaks Russian well.

Before the wedding, she was in the diplomatic service and worked during the state visits of US and Russian presidents – Bill Clinton and Boris Yeltsin, respectively.

After the wedding, she had to give up her career, which, as her husband, Naruhito later said, could have triggered a prolonged depression.


The wedding of Bhutan King Jigme Khesar Namgyal Wangchuk and his bride Jetsun Pema, who studied diplomacy and psychology in London, was an event of national importance in October 2011.

Both the bride and groom were dressed in traditional Buddhist attire.

Seven royal brides who made a career before marriageThe yellow color, so important in Buddhism, dominated the wedding attire of the king and his bride

At the request of the king, very popular in the social networks of East Asia, they kissed the public with the bride, which surprised the conservative inhabitants of the kingdom.

Jigme also insisted that his marriage would be monogamous – unlike his father and his predecessors in the male line.

Unlike the wife of the Japanese prince, consort queen Bhutan soon became the Ambassador of UNEP for the protection of the ozone layer of the Earth and is actively engaged in charity.


Seven royal brides who made a career before marriageZane carried the flag of Jordan at the Games in Beijing in 2008

One of the Jordanian princes, Hassan, took his wife’s champion of table tennis country Zeyna Shaban. It was she who carried the flag of Jordan at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

At their wedding in Amman in July 2011, the low prince was dressed in an army uniform, and Zeyna, whose height was 174 centimeters, was wearing a long white dress.


The hereditary Grand Duke of Luxembourg Guillaume was married to a Belgian native, philologist and violinist Stephanie de Lannoy in October 2012.

Especially for the future wife of the heir to the throne, the Luxembourg parliament passed a law on simplified citizenship.

Seven royal brides who made a career before marriageStephanie was born in the family of the Belgian Count de Lannoy, and the citizenship of Luxembourg was received shortly before the wedding

The bride studied in Moscow Russian language and literature and subsequently defended at the University of Berlin a diploma about comparing romanticism in Germany and Russia. Before the marriage, she also worked in an investment firm.


In July 2002, Mohammed VI and Salma Bennani were married, later known as Lalla Salma.

The 24-year-old bride at that time had the specialty of an information system engineer and a bachelor of science degree.

Salma is the first wife of the monarch of Morocco, who wears the title of princess. But she will not become a queen: the patriarchal traditions in Morocco are strict towards women. Earlier, the wives of heads of state were called "mother of the children of the king", and in the face of their subjects did not know.

Seven royal brides who made a career before marriagePrincess Salma conducts an excursion to the wife of the President of France on the Museum of Modern Art in Rabat

In addition, the public activity and charity work of the wife of Mohammed VI, who has been ruling since 1999, is often perceived in society as a free expression.

Previously, the Moroccan courtyard was one of the most closed in the world, and today some residents of the country dye their hair in a red color and consider the Salma princess to be an example for imitation.