Architects about architects: 5 names that inspire

1. Joseph Diran / Carlo Scarpa Joseph Dirand Architecture, Paris. “I have experienced periods of passion for many designers, my taste is constantly evolving. But today, definitely, my hero is Carlo Scarpa. In his works there is a special germination of classics. He often had to reconstruct historical buildings, invade layers of centuries ago, enter

Teresa Sapey: an architect woman about her apartment in Madrid

Italian, she has lived and practiced in Madrid for a long time. She received an exemplary education: she graduated from the famous Parsons School of Design, and then the architectural faculty of the Polytechnic University in Turin. There are many projects on Teresa’s account, the peak of his career is participation in the Puerta America

Hollywood on the lake and the most beautiful car in the world

“Hollywood on the Lake” – this is the name of the annual parade of the Oldards. This unprecedented European exhibition on Lake Como showed 50 cars of different classes, produced between the 1920s and the 1980s. They were supplemented by the premier runs of modern concept cars. By topic: John Baldessari (John Baldessari): art-car for

How to choose a palette and combine shades: 5 tips

What influences the choice of colors for the interior? Does style matter or is it more important to consider personal preferences? Professionals share the secrets of working with color. “When choosing a color, first of all define the goals, then the main dominant shade. Then make a color combination that revolves around this shade, “recommends

TV as part of the interior: a new collection of Samsung

Designers always suffer from the fact that televisions spoil the overall appearance of the interior. In a laconic Scandinavian or luxurious classical space, this object always looks strange and even inappropriate. To ensure that designers do not have to hide TVs in sliding panels and consoles, Samsung has released a collection with a unique design.

Opening the sky

Architects Enota joined the chapel from the village square, turning it into a landscape sculpture, designed to accent the identity of the suburban settlement. information: Chapel in the village of Skorba, Enota. Photo © Miran Kambič In the discussion of the project, the search for financing for the purchase of the site and in the