The photographer collaborated with the designer of hats, it turned out an elegant series

The Dutch photographer Jeroen Adema (Jeroen Adema) made a series of art shots in collaboration with the designer of hats. Here’s what he says: “I believe in the power of cooperation. Around so many talented people, it’s just incredible. In the city where I live, designer Van Nuijen (VanNuyen). She creates exclusive hats, and these

“Tosno” – “Dynamo”. Boyarsky came to the match in the scarf of the Tosnenians

Famous actor, fan of “Zenith” Mikhail Boyarsky is present at the match of the 29th round of the Russian championship between “Tosno” and “Dynamo” (0: 0, first half). Boyarsky got into television with the scarf of the Tosnensky club. Earlier, Boyarsky said that it would be better to root for Tosno if Zenit did not

American politician sent a gun to his daughter’s boyfriend in a campaign video

American politician Brian Kemp released an agitational video in which he talked with his daughter’s boyfriend, pointing his gun at him, writes Washington Post. In a two-minute video, the acting secretary of the state of Georgia sits in a room decorated with various weapons. “I’m Brian Kemp, and this is Jake – a young man

“Locomotive” – ​​”Zenith”. The hosts will play in a gray-red uniform

It became known, in what form today will play “Locomotive” and “Zenith”. Muscovites decided to go on the field in a gray-red form (black at the goalkeeper), the guests will play in their traditional azure with blue (goalkeeper – in green). Note that in the first match in St. Petersburg “Lokomotiv” played in white form.

Icebreakers festival opens in St. Petersburg

Festival of icebreakers in St. Petersburg. Photo: Moika78 / Valentin Egorshin In St. Petersburg, the fifth, jubilee, icebreaker festival was opened. Guests will see six "giants". Petersburgers will be shown not only the legendary "Krasin". He was joined by five courts: "Novorossiysk", "St. Petersburg", "Ivan Krusenstern", "Nevskaya Zastava" and "Mudyug". Moika78 / Valentin Egorshin You