Top 10 travel books

1. Gregory David Roberts “Shantaram” An exhaustive novel about India! More than 800 pages of the book are devoted to the adventures of a runaway criminal in one of the most contrasting, contradictory and mysterious countries in the world. Lovers of the East will appreciate the detailed description of Indian slums and luxurious palaces, crazy

The resort of Cap d’Agde is located on the Mediterranean coast of France to the west of Marseille. This place is different from the others in that nudists can not dress while walking out of the beach. We tell more about paradise for a nudist. In fact, Cap d’Agde is a district of the town

Treptow Park – Memorial to Soviet Soldiers in Berlin

Berlin is considered to be one of the greenest European capitals. Vast parks for the recreation of the citizens. Perhaps the most famous of these is the Tiergarten, adjacent to the government quarter with the Reichstag in the central district of Berlin-Mitte. Tourists do not pass through the Tiergarten nor drive … About the same

Non-existent ice cream: accidental “invention” of scientists

Of ice cream – sticky hands? Scientists have found a solution! And quite by accident. After the tsunami of 2011 in Japan, the whole harvest of strawberries lost their market appearance. Professor Tomihisa Ota and his colleagues from the University of Kanazawa extracted extracts from berries – liquid polyphenol. Scientists hoped to use it as