Weekend without children: Natalya Vodyanova and Antoine Arnaud at the party in the style of the 80’s

"Antoine and I seldom hang out, but if we go out, we burn not like a child," writes Natalia Vodyanova, one of the most influential models of the planet in her Instagram under a new photograph. In the picture she is in an embrace with her husband Antoine Arnault. Maybe this picture would not have attracted our attention, if not for Natalya’s outfit. The model is here in bright pink elk, a gymnastic swimsuit and a bandage on her head, and her husband, whom we usually see in suits, is wearing a retro shirt, painted with canisters and a cap, with a visor back. But do not rush to think that the pair is decided to change the style of so sharply and plunge into the fashion of the 80’s. The thing is that the couple came to a party for the birthday of her friend Vodyanova.