Confrontation continues? Olga Buzova posted a video with a dog, like Anastasia Kostenko

Olga Buzova (32) and Dmitry Tarasov (31) divorced in December 2016. Since then, the TV presenter has been actively engaged in her career, but her ex has had a family and will soon become a dad. But the first day PR manager congratulated the businessman with getting rid of the "burden of Buzovoy", and Olya does not stand aside.

Recently, the couple brought a new pet – Labrador Tara. "This miracle has been living for two weeks already. She is still quite a baby (1 month and 10 days), but managed to charm everyone! So far, from the skills and habits has caresses, speed, appetite, the desire to play and bite toys. Adaptedly, no longer whining. # Tara #labrador # labrador #puppy ", wrote in March the model on her page.

Buzova hurried to say: "I want to continue to the Buzovaya. We were going to buy this dog to our house. Comrades, this is the bottom. " Well, now in her Stories, the singer shared the video and photos on which she strokes the dog, well, very similar to the pet Tarasova and Kostenko (24), Olga even copied the pose from the shots of Anastasia.

It seems that the singer still reacts sharply to everything that concerns her ex-husband.

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