Crown without brilliance: scandals from the personal life of the royal family

For the brilliance of the royal crowns, sometimes scandalous sites are hidden

May 19, Prince Harry marries the American actress Megan Markle. Many are eagerly anticipating the historic day when a member of the British family marries a divorced American actress, a mulatto from a Catholic family. But, as it turned out, this union has opponents.

The half-brother of the bride wrote an open letter to Prince Harry, while sending a copy to the American magazine In Touch.

Brother Megan Markle wrote to Prince Harry that his sister was not his

"The day of the royal wedding is approaching. And it becomes clear that this is the biggest mistake of the history of royal weddings", – writes Thomas Markle.

Calling the upcoming wedding "a fake fairy tale", Thomas added that he does not consider his sister a suitable woman for Harry: "I do not understand how you do not see the real Megan, which is the whole world is now seeing. It’s just an attempt to play the role of a princess, which takes a third-aged aging Hollywood actress".

Most of all, Thomas, it seemed, was offended by the fact that.

Megan and Harry. Not the Duchess, but it’s fine.

Which, however, was refuted on May 4, when Prince Harry’s spokesman, James Naouf, reported that Megan wanted both her parents to attend the ceremony.

In violation of the tradition, the mother will accompany her to the place of the wedding, but her father will lead to the altar.

Parents of the bride in divorce, and the wedding will be for them a great opportunity to get to know their future relatives.

Thomas, the author of the denunciatory letter, was not yet reported.

Prince, as he is

With great-grandmother, father and elder brother. In this photo Harry is just 17 years old

This is not the only scandal from the personal life of the royal family and Prince Harry.

When Prince Charles learned that his youngest son, who was then 17 years old, smoked marijuana several times and was in addiction to alcohol.

One of the representatives of the St. James Palace said that this was done in order, "that the young man should learn about the consequences that cannabis use can lead to".

Billiard for striping

History in Las Vegas has bypassed all tabloids of the world

In August 2012, almost all the tabloids of the world went around the picture of the naked Prince Harry in a hotel room in Las Vegas. The prince and several gay young people played billiards for stripping, and, apparently, Harry lost a big game, since he had no clothes left at all.

Just after this merry weekend the prince was to go to Afghanistan in the ranks of the British army. About this story, he then told this: "In the end, probably, I let myself down. I let my family down. I let other people down. Apparently, I had too much from the army, and not enough from the prince. Everything is simple".

Scandals in the royal family happened to the prince-rebel. In doubtful situations were views of the previous generations

Romance with a Married

Princess Margaret and Captain Townsend had to part. This photo was taken two weeks before the official announcement of the rupture

Queen’s sister, Princess Margaret became the main character of the royal scandal after she had an affair with Captain Peter Townsend, one of her father’s assistants, King George VI. The main problem was that the captain was married.

The scandal broke out in 1953, when the Townsends divorced, and Peter immediately made an offer to the princess. They had to be part of the church, the government, or the royal family.

This story became one of the leitmotifs of the first season of the series "Crown".

Where the sister, there and daughter

Marriage of Princess Anne with Mark Phillips was unsuccessful. After the divorce, she married her former assistant, Tim Lawrence.

The only daughter of Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Anna was married to a member of the British Olympic team in equestrian sport, Mark Phillips. This marriage lasted almost 20 years. People who knew the couple closely, said that it was not a marriage, but "cheerless pretense".

After the divorce, she married her former assistant, Tim Lawrence.

The tabloid Sun said that he had received letters written by the princess to her husband. To publish them, however, the newspaper did not dare.

Wrong Diana

Diana, Harry, William and Charles. Before the official divorce less than six months

In 1992, the tabloid The Sun published a transcript of a telephone conversation between the Princess of Wales and her alleged lover, James Gilby. At that time, Diana was still officially married to Charles.

In the conversation, Gilbi called Diana a household nickname squidgy (impossible to translate, "chaff") 53 times, and told her that she loved her.

This scandal entered the royal story called Squidgygate.

And very unfaithful Charles

Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles still married. Although it took many years, several scandals and two divorces

Shortly after the publication of the love of the coins of the Princess of Wales, the Australian magazine published another transcript of the intimate conversation, this time between Charles, the Prince of Wales, and his long-term mistress Camilla Parker-Bowles.

The couple exchanged jocular remarks of rather dubious quality.

Below is the decoding of the most scandalous part of the conflict:

Charles: My God! Yes, I would just live in your pants, or something like that. It would be much easier!

Camilla (Laughing): Well, what will you turn into, a pair of cowards? (both laughing).

Charles: God save! Tampax. Well, I’m lucky! (laughing)

Camilla: You’re a complete idiot (laughs) Oh, what a beautiful thought!

This scandal went down in history under the name Camillagate.

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