Dmitry Pevtsov caught for kisses with Inna Malikova

The new clip by Inna Malikova and the group “New Gems”, shot for the song “Glued”, sparked heated discussions among the fans of the band. The hero of the video was actor Dmitry Pevtsov. The video tells the story of the relationship between a man and a woman who have been together for many years, and their feelings have already faded. During the meeting, they are sitting in a restaurant, and the man delves into the phone, not paying attention to his spectacular companion.

“Never demand perfection. If someone loves you, be grateful. This is a miracle that must be appreciated. This is what we wanted to show our viewers. Destroying is always easier than saving. And this choice depends on each of us! “- So described what is happening in the video Inna Malikova.

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The director of the video was Gleb Suschev. Inna and Dmitry hug and kiss for the whole video. “When I heard the track, I immediately submitted the script and sent it to Inna. It turned out that our ideas and vision coincided, and we started shooting. Perhaps one of the most important meanings for a person is his relationship with other people. And the better they are and the more honest, the happier we are. In our work soloists of the collective I wanted to show in the form of angels who help the couple remember only the best moments and start again to cherish them, “the director said.

Fans Malikova appreciated the work of its worth. “A cozy clip about love, tunes in a good way,” “Finally, at least someone took a tender and calm summer clip,” “I liked the video! An interesting story, everything is easily and gently done! Excellent! “- the novelty was discussed by Inna’s fans.

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