Elena Kuletskaya admitted that she has 10 pairs of jeans

Jeans / jeans ???? (choose-necessary-at-most-always-doubt-and-google-reluctance?) a lot does not happen ?? Do you out of how much in the closet? do I have steam 10 exactly? Continuing the theme of “pregnant shopping”, jeans, it’s probably the only thing that you need to buy a special cut. The first time I had jeans with an elastic band that stretched to the ears, and looked so-so? On me, now normal, classy, ​​stylish JEANS @pietrobrunellimaternity, with a zipper and button, normal pockets and belt that stretches through …. the side inserts-rubber bands! Eureka!! Nothing anywhere is squeezing, does not slip and does not crush! For the summer at all perfect, under the white T-shirts no translucent clamp ?? # jeans for the pregnant @ kenguru_official # 26 weeks # 26weeks #pregnantandstylish

A post shared by Elena Kuletskaya (@elenakuletskaya) on May 26, 2018 at 4:32 am PDT

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