Emilia Clark does not understand how you can call your child Khalisi

Emilia Clark does not understand how you can call your child KhalisiEmilia Clark in the series "Game of Thrones".

The Englishwoman Clark, who was forever entrenched in the image of Deyeneris Targarien, daughter of the deposed King of the Seven Kingdoms, is shocked by statistics showing the number of children named after her character.

According to the National Statistical Office of Great Britain, last year 69 children in England and Wales were named after Khalisi. That’s how the heroine of Emilia Clark began to be called after she became the wife of Khal, the leader of the Dothraqi.

"It’s crazy, “Clark told the BBC for this news. “I mean, how will they name the child in a diminutive way?” I would not have turned my tongue to say that name!"

Anyway, Emilia likes those frequent moments when her fans will recognize her. Especially when it happens at airports, she claims.

“I often hear shouting and even Khalisi tunes in my address. It does not bother me at all and sometimes even amuses me. It reminds of cases from childhood, when you are on the playground, and you suddenly turn around and say “Well, hello, guys!”, And everyone is pretending that they did not invite you at all. It amuses me, “says Clark.

Nevertheless, the actress, who became a brunette in the new blockbuster “Han Solo: Star Wars”, says that she is usually noticed only when she is a blonde. So, when she is not in the image of Daenerys, she quite succeeds in not attracting unnecessary looks.

“I rarely get noticed when I’m with dark hair. People are not accustomed to seeing me in a different or “patronal” image, so often they just do not recognize me, “she said in the morning show” Good Morning America. ” And added: “In the Khalisi image, I’m usually pretty serious. And as Emilia Clark – no. Therefore, if I have a bad mood, then most likely you have a chance to find out! “, – concluded the actress.


Deyeneris Tarigarien will not be the one she was all considered

In a recent interview with an American publication, Emilia Clarke admitted that she was shocked by the final scenes "The game of thrones", which the actors just have to shoot in the near future. During the answers to the questions, Emilia did not have any decent words to describe her emotions, and she had to swear dirty (details)

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