Ethnic motifs in popular music videos

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I love to dance but even more I like to watch other dance, those who really know how to do it.))



Of course, tastes have changed over the years. Remember how dull was the concerts with the indispensable participation of collectives of national dance. It was like a political information at school or boring newsreel before the movie in the cinema – the dull part of the program, which had a dessert in the form of the popular artists or interesting movie.

Now I’m happy to watch any dance performance. Finally I was able to appreciate the beauty of folk dance. I like them both and by folk groups with traditional costumes and choreography, and the use of the individual elements of ethnic dance and stylized outfits in contemporary music. This is a great way to promote folk dances and music.

Among the most popular and memorable dance routines to the public there are many such, which are clearly visible ethnic theme.

The first that Google gave me on request ethnic or tribal dance, there was a clip of the Duo 2Unlimited, which is so directly called – Tribal Dance. Ah, youth! Exactly, it was and is. Looked and along with the experienced nostalgia and bewilderment, that in my youth appeared the coolest choreography, now looked like an Amateur PA. On a rural disco. The movement of the artists did not differ from their movements in other clips, for example, No Limit. The only thing that justifies the title of the song is the word Tribal, shaved on the head soloist.

Against this background, the choreography in the more modern clips of the performers looks really impressive. Any star with African roots. Perfecting a dance routine Beyonce is the perfect example. In the video for the song Deja Vu for me personally, the most memorable moment. Movement filled with passion, which is clearly much older than our century refinement, this wildness out of ritual dances at a fire.

One of the most famous for his choreography of the clips Rihanna – Where Have You Been – has tribal color. Surroundings and movements – a lot of references to the ethnics.

Another star, known for his love of ethnic dance – Shakira. Almost none of her speech is complete without the inclusions of belly dance. She takes it great, but in the video for my favorite song for some reason it is very little! So you’ll have to cheat: I’ll add a little clip with the cuts of the live performances of Shakira, where she demonstrates belly dance, and then – video Dare just because I like it.))

Another great dancer and a lover of ethnic styling – Nicole Scherzinger. Hollywood meets Bollywood in the video for the song Jai Ho.

Up until yesterday if I had no hesitation put in charge of a wonderful ironic clip Take Me Back to Your House, in the performance of Basement Jaxx.

But yesterday everything changed. It was love at first sight. I wandered on the Internet, and a TV screen in the background. But suddenly, the background ceased to be background. At the first sound of this song, I broke away from my laptop, never to return to it. Well, at least in the next four minutes. Music, performance, choreography. From last night until now, I’ve listened to this song once, probably fifty. Sent links to those who appreciate it. Here you are decided to share)) so, my new favorite among the clips with the use of ethnic motives, for which, in fact, did this post meet: Daron Malakian and Scars on Broadway, Lives.

Hats off!

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