Evidence of the existence of the biblical realm is found

A house of 3,000 years old sheds light on the existence of a powerful Jewish state.

The building was discovered in Tel Eaton, Israel, its size and shape confirm that 3,000 years ago it was a major administrative center, reports LiveScience. Perhaps this confirms the existence of the United Kingdom of kings David and Solomon. The historical books of the Torah say that the United Kingdom existed before the death of Solomon in 930 BC, and then broke up into northern Israel and southern Judea.

Evidence of the existence of the biblical realm is found

The building consisted of two floors, the area of ​​the lower floor was 230 m³, which makes it one of the largest buildings of the era. It is located on a high hill and dominates the surrounding landscape, from which archaeologists concluded that it belonged to a high-ranking official. The interior layout also indicates the Israeli origin of the building: the lower floor was divided into four rooms, the exit is oriented to the east, which was typical of the Jewish houses of that time. Earlier in the south of Israel, fragments of the period of the reign of David and Solomon were found.

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