Evil swan Albert does not allow people to swim on the canal

But the local people even like it.

Albert, a huge angry swan, terrorizes the Great Western Channel in Tiverton, Devon, England. He attacks anyone who swims on a kayak or boat near his nest. Recently he sank an inflatable kayak, and the poor tourist had to swim to the shore to swim. Swan and his “wife” Victoria nest on Tony Nixon’s land, and he very often watches attacks on canoeists. Birds have been living in this place for 4 years. The male becomes aggressive when the incubation of eggs begins and this lasts until the chicks grow up a little – from the middle of March to June. Fortunately, the swan does not offend the owner of the house, allowing him to sit closely, and even serves a toast, according to the Daily Mail.

Evil swan Albert does not allow people to swim on the canal

The territory of Alberta is between two bridges, approximately 400 meters of the canal. Experienced kayakers prefer to pass this place overland, on the other shore. If someone has entered the territory of a swan, the man bends his neck menacingly and pursues people in this pose, catching up with fear. Then he lags behind, so that they relax, but after a hundred meters he flies after them with great speed, lands on the boat and starts to beat his wings like a sledgehammer. Tony says he communicated with many people, and they are all on the side of Albert, they even want to forbid the passage of kayaks for this site for three months. Of course, this will not happen, but it is clear that those who were attacked by the swan are unlikely to want to go through this channel again. “My Planet” wrote how an evil swan attacked the car.

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