Ex-participants of “Ranetok” hinted at reunion in a new group

Ex-participants of "Ranetok" hinted at reunion in a new group

Lera, Zhenya, Nyuta and Lena, who became famous during their participation in the band “Ranetki” and filming in the eponymous series, can again play in a new group. The girls hinted at this on the pre-party of the Russian media prize.

On the page of each of the girls there were joint photos, each of which was supported by an ambiguous signature. It is worth noting that during the existence of “Ranetok” between the participants there were many conflicts that cost them their place in the team. Now the band is revived by Anya Rudneva and Natasha Millnichenko, who played the first concerts of the new tour.

Ex-participants of "Ranetok" hinted at reunion in a new group

The rest of the participants also did not sit around idly, creating their projects, starting a business or launching their own blog. Now fans can expect the creation of a new group of former “Ranetok”. Some of them compare themselves with Spice Girls, who also announced their reunion, and even suggested that fans think about the name for the “gang”. And Lera Kozlova promised to please the fans with something new.

Elizabeth Truffel – Correspondent RIA VistaNews

Author: Andrey Vasiliev Based on materials: vistanews

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