Ex-soloist of the Hi-Fi band will become a mom for the second time

Ex-soloist of the Hi-Fi band will become a mom for the second timeTatyana Tereshina / photo: instagram.com

Today the media reported that Tatyana Tereshina is pregnant again. This information was told by the familiar actresses. According to them, she told all her friends on her birthday, which the star recently noted.

Tatyana Tereshina brings up daughter Aris. With the girl’s father, TV presenter Slava Nikitin, she broke up three years ago. After this, the singer met with young lover Vadim, who was 13 years younger than the actress. However, these relations proved fleeting. Ex-soloist of the Hi-Fi band did not have to grieve for a long time, since already in May she began publishing photos with the new elect. They are familiar half a year, but the actress is ready to become his wife, as he surrounded her with care and found a common language with her child.

Recently, Tatiana decided to celebrate her 39th birthday and arranged a holiday in one of the metropolitan restaurants. Informed sources said that the singer during the party shared with the guests the joyful news: she will soon become a mom for the second time. Most likely the father of the child is the same mysterious beloved Tereshina. His name, she continues to keep a secret, although she publishes a photo with him, according to the online edition of Woman.ru.

While the artist herself does not comment on this information. It should be noted that she maintains good relations with her former lover. The other day she sent her daughter with him and grandmother to rest. “A daughter is never upset when she is escorted, but, on the contrary, waves with ecstasy and anticipation of new adventures,” Tatiana shared.

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