Fast and dead: The best alternative versions of Spider-Man

Fast and dead: The best alternative versions of Spider-Man

Comics never stand still, constantly evolving and at times presenting to readers various versions of the same events. All important characters always have copies in other universes (you do not think that our universe is one, right?). In comics, for simplicity, they number the Earth, so we rummaged through different copies of our planet and found 12 versions of Spider-Man that could become the heroes of individual films.

We will make a reservation that some of them, alas, are dead (they fell victim to interdimensional devourers), but when did it stop the filmmakers?

Victorian Spider / Peter Parkoua / Earth-311 /

Fast and dead: The best alternative versions of Spider-Man

The death of Peter Parkoua on the stage of the Globe Theater

Deadly number! No phones! Without cameras! And without America, for that matter. Peter, who changed his name to Parkoua, was born in the 16th century in Scotland. He went to the service of Sir Nicholas Fury, moved to England, was drawn into a web of intrigues and conspiracies. And so Peter would remain an inconspicuous youth if he had not once been bitten by a spider that had absorbed the energy of an interdimensional portal. So he became known as the Spider, but did not live long – he died right on the stage of the Globe theater under tragic and fantastic circumstances (those inter-dimensional devourers tried).

Monstrous Spider / Patton Parnel / Earth-51412

Fast and dead: The best alternative versions of Spider-Man

The poor girl will soon be in trouble

Not all alternative versions of the Spider are distinguished by a good temper. Mr. Parnell, for example, became a victim of domestic violence (Uncle Ted had a heavy hand) and grew up in a cruel and unpleasant teenager. He tortured animals, for some reason he reached for a healthy red spider in the laboratory and was bitten. Got a bite from my uncle, hungry. Ate a mouse, a cat and did not stop there. He transformed himself into a healthy monster, avenged the school offenders. I bitten my beloved girl by infecting her. Fortunately, I did not live long – thanks to the interdimensional devourers.

Fluffy Spider / Spider-Kitten / Earth-999

Fast and dead: The best alternative versions of Spider-Man

Seals can also be superheroes!

Not very often appeared in comics, but again, who will stop it? How the Cat-Spider got its abilities, the story hides. It is known that he lived with fans of video games and at night often saw a dream about a collision with a dove, known as Ven. And although the cat has nine lives, most of them Venom took. Spider-dog in the comics died, but would become an excellent hero of the animated series for the youngest.

Murderous Spider / Peter Benjamin Parker / Earth-8351

Fast and dead: The best alternative versions of Spider-ManVery serious Spider-Man

Usually Spider-Man is not only your friendly neighbor, but also adheres to the rule of “do not kill.” The same guy is completely different. His ethical norms allow him to take the lives of criminals, and not just leave them hanging out in a web with a witty note attached to her. Worked with Wolverine as a secret operative. Jokes aside: this dude is practically a punisher in tights! I mean, you will not get any funny comments from this Peter before he puts a bullet through your forehead.

Bloodthirsty Spider / Peter Parker / Earth-15901

Fast and dead: The best alternative versions of Spider-ManPicture from the variant cover: a real spider vampire more creepy

The vampire-spider from the picture is not quite the one that will be discussed. Somewhere on Earth-15901, Peter contracted from another bite and became a ghoul. Garlic, light, crucifix – all this acts on him just like any vampire. He lived in the comic books for a short time, becoming the irony of lunch on Earth-001. No, this is not our Earth.

Revolutionary Spider / Hobart Brown / Earth-138

Fast and dead: The best alternative versions of Spider-ManDo you feel lucky, punk?

Nothing special, it’s just that Spider-Man is fighting for social justice in the streets of New York. Hobart Brown is a black guy, a punk and a radioactive suicide machine (this is his expression, not ours). He fights against the regime of the insidious president Norman Osborne in the name of America. Gathers an army of followers and, in the name of an anarchy mom, beats with the Venom army. Strangely enough, still alive, as befits a real punk.

Indian Spider / Pavitra Prabhakar / Earth-50101

Fast and dead: The best alternative versions of Spider-Man

No songs and dances – just Spiderman from India

A poor Indian boy lived in the village, but then moved to Mumbai to Aunt Maya and Uncle Bhim. The power of the spider has received from the ancient yogi and now is compelled to protect the Earth from ancient evil. The Perfect Spider-Man invites Pavitra to his army, saving him from an interdimensional devourer. However, the youth begins an existential crisis after meeting with different versions of Spider-Man. Especially he is touched by Peter Parker from Earth-616 (this is the standard Earth of the universe Marvel). Pavitra feels that it is only his pale copy. The crisis of the Indian boy was solved by the British Spider-Man, whom we also did not forget.

British Spider / William Braddock / Earth-833

Fast and dead: The best alternative versions of Spider-ManNow the British Spider will help a fellow Indian from resolving the crisis

Strangely, this superhero has nothing to do with James Bond or even with Doctor Who. Originally was painted as a Punk-spider, but eventually turned into a blond with a British accent. Braddock – one of the few characters of Marvel, who can travel on the multiverse. Unfortunately, he completely lacks a spider’s flair, which, however, does not prevent him from remaining an excellent fighter. William serves in the Captain Britain squad and, apparently, also has the gift of a psychologist. For example, he helped his Indian colleague resolve an existential crisis.

Steampunk Spider / May Reilly / Earth-803

Fast and dead: The best alternative versions of Spider-Man

Steampunk always looks great in comics

That’s who exactly does not face death at the hands of interdimensional devourers, so it’s May Rayleigh. She does not have superpowers, although she also happened to encounter a spider. Father May studied animals, and one day she opened a cage with a spider to release him from the confinement. As a thank you was bitten, but nothing happened: the spider was ordinary. But Mei got an important life lesson. After the death of her father, she gathered herself a suit with four mechanical arms, made webs and became a Spider-Lady.

Technogenic Spider / Penee Parker / Earth-14512

Fast and dead: The best alternative versions of Spider-Man

Penee Parker and Daredevil on the protection of justice

Spiderman in any universe becomes a superhero accidentally after a collision with a spider. But this is not Penee. The girl voluntarily decided on superpowers. My father died when Penee was 9 years old. It must be added that he died while in a special mechanical suit of Spider-Man. At 14, the girl encountered the first supervillain and quickly showed what she was capable of. The Daredevils became protégés. The Penee costume, most likely, is based on the anime “Evangelion”. But this is so, observation.

Japanese Spider / Takuya Yamashiro / Earth-51778

Fast and dead: The best alternative versions of Spider-ManJapanese Spiderman in the series and in comics

The most high-speed spider, a 22-year-old racer from Japan, to hide his super powers, pretends to friends weaklings. He fights with the army of the Iron Cross to avenge the death of his father. It is important to note here that Takuya Yamashiro was at first a hero of the Japanese television series, and then, to the delight of fans, appeared in American comic books. There, too, the robot Leopardon, who fought along with the Spider-Man, migrated. A mechanical friend of a height of 60 meters and weighing 25,000 tons is an excellent help in the fight against evil.

Elderly Spider / May Reilly / Earth-3123

Fast and dead: The best alternative versions of Spider-ManAuntie May did not decide on the tights

Eijism will not work! Spiders of all ages are submissive. Here, too, the elderly aunt puts on a red-blue dress, after she is bitten by a spider. At first, May trades with a stunt, earning money to feed his nephew Peter. Then a real villain appears, and Mae goes to the warpath. She has the same super powers as the classic Spider-Man. And if anyone decides on such a movie, then there is already Marisa Tomei – she will make a great fighting aunt.

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