Five reasons to come to Genoa

1. Walking along Via Garibaldi

It was laid back in 1551. The street is a repository of local attractions: palaces and museums. Among them are Palazzo Bianco, Palazzo Rosso and Palazzo Turci. The street is full of life, there are a lot of souvenir shops, street musicians, ceremonial yards.

2. To see the Doge’s Palace

This Palace was built in 1298 for a meeting of city officials. Its name was given to the palace in 1339 in honor of the first doge (head) of the city – Simon de Boccanera, who settled here. Doji, one by one, succeeding each other, lived here until Napoleon came to abolish this post. Today, the Palace functions, as you can see frescoes, statues, paintings.

3. To see the unique construction of Genoa

It is a panoramic elevator "Il Bigo", located in the port and reminiscent of the shape of a spider. Elevator – a kind of Ferris wheel, the most popular entertainment of locals and tourists, from the cabin which offers stunning views of the sea, the port and snow-white yachts mooring to the Genoa bay.

4. Learn Italian beer

Probably, Italian associations with beer, as in the Czech Republic or Germany, you did not arise. In fact, there are factories for the production of beer, which is in demand among the local population and is very much appreciated. Among the most famous breweries are Bryton and Maltus Faber.

5. Arrange entertainment for the whole family

Visit the aquarium of Genoa, where you will see a flock of live piranhas and frolicking penguins, touch the rays and watch the colorful fish. This is the second largest aquarium in Europe. Outwardly, the building of the aquarium resembles a ship with a hundred meter.

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