Friend Zoe Fedorova told about the harassment of Lavrenty Beria

Friend Zoe Fedorova told about the harassment of Lavrenty BeriaZoya Fedorova

Soviet actress Zoya Fyodorova was admired by the whole country for its beauty. However, in December 1946, the artist was persecuted – she was sentenced to 25 years in prison, a lawyer of espionage. After the death of Joseph Stalin in 1955, the prisoners on political charges were released. She returned to the profession and continued to star in various movies. Fedorov has appeared in such films as “Moscow does not believe in tears”, “Wedding in Malinovka”, “Lost summer”. Her life was cut short in 1981 by Kutuzovsky Prospekt. Murder mystery still not solved. Dmitry Borisov in the program “Let them talk” decided to recall the biggest story of Zoya Fyodorova and many years after her death to figure out whether the actress is a spy or not.

In 1945, the actress met with an American diplomat Jackson Tate. She was born to her. Victoria. Director Lyubov Vlasenko, who was friends with Fedorova, remembered her stories about the shortest affair with a foreigner.

“Fuck, she frankly did not talk.” And she asked: “Why was she sitting in jail?” She answered: “because Americans fell in love with. It was so cool, it would be the Day of Victory, a salute was. And we danced, whirled. Then we found out, we started to swing. And we ran and ran to his room, “recalled a friend of the actress.

Friend Zoe Fedorova told about the harassment of Lavrenty BeriaAfter communication with the American diplomat, Zoe Fedorova accused of espionage

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However, in this novel intervened power. A week after the festive evening, the actress was led by Lavrenty Beria, who at that time was the Deputy Chairman of the Council of People’s Commissars. The girl did not expect such a turn-of-the-mill, where there was a big bed, flowers, fruits, wine. However, Zoya Alekseevna was refused to drink with one of the most influential people of those years.

“He comes out from behind the screen already in a Bathrobe.” When she began to back away to the door, he grabbed her, threw on the bed and said, “What, you first, what? With American can and can not come with me? “And she hit him twice.” Then he beat her up, she was covered in bruises, and literally threw it at the door, “said Vlasenko.

Friend Zoe Fedorova told about the harassment of Lavrenty BeriaA friend of the actress Lyubov Vlasenko said that she was very Frank

However, not all believed the story of the Director. The historian, who was in the studio program, was sure that this is nothing more than fiction. However, Dmitry Borisov asked the man with great respect for the guests.

Have Fyodorova and Tate’s daughter, Victoria, right, the father at that time was not in the Soviet Union and had not seen the child. Due to the fact that Zoya Alekseevna was sentenced to 25 years in prison, the baby was sent to relatives in the North of Kazakhstan. In 1975 Victoria emigrated to the United States, where he met with the Pope. Daughter of Zoya Fyodorova died in the US

Friend Zoe Fedorova told about the harassment of Lavrenty Beria

Daughter of Zoya Fyodorova Victoria // Photo frame programs

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