Futuristic mixers from Jaquar

At the April exhibition Mosbuild the Indian company Jaquar presented novelties for bathrooms. In the lineup there are two brands: Jaquar (for premium segment) and Artize (for luxury). "All the days of work at the exhibition, we constantly encountered a great interest in our products", – says the director and founder of the company Rajesh Mayor. And, indeed, Jaquar is already represented in 45 countries of the world and annually produces 24 million sanitary products.

Futuristic mixers from Jaquar

Mixer Tiaara, Artize.

This year, the company introduced a new product from the brand Artize – mixer Tiara designed by Michael Foley. Looks like a mixer more on jewelry, not on a functional object: it is made of concentric rings, like those that arise on the water. Water turns on when you turn the ring.

Futuristic mixers from JaquarMixer Tailwater, Artize.

Other novelties – Tailwater mixer designed by Clodia Danelon and Linea mixer designed by Paricha Mayor – are more familiar in form. The first is inspired by lines of modern architecture and reminds a bird frozen on the edge of the pool. The second is a sample of minimalism. An interesting feature – water turns on when you turn the entire mixer. "Our products are not in vain in such demand, – says Rajesh Mayor. – We try to combine unusual design, innovative technologies and modern materials".

Futuristic mixers from JaquarMixer Linea, Artize. Water turns on when you turn the mixer itself.

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