Garik Kharlamov tore the tour over Siberia

Garik Kharlamov tore the tour over Siberia

For more than six months Garik Kharlamov with his colleagues at Comedy Club – Timur by Batrutdinova, the Demis Karipidis and Andrew Skorokhod, periodically touring the country with his Comedy show “KHBDS”. Comedians perform on stage provincial clubs and houses of creativity and gather a huge audience at their concerts.

Tomsk and Tyumen. 20-may comedians had to visit two Siberian cities. However, the concerts were disrupted by Garik Kharlamov. But as it turned out, the reason was starry.

“Ladies and gentlemen of the city of Tomsk and Tyumen!” – turned to him Kharlamov in his personal blog. “I had a terrible time. I had a terrible illness. sore throat, the temperature rose to 107-110 degrees., I was not able to to joke and to talk and to walk, to talk, to watch, to lie down and could not do anything! will come back to your town! “

The money for the tickets in the near future. By the way, see a show, “KHBDS” is in the regions from 2 to 7 thousand rubles.

Fans a little outraged that in such a serious monologue Garik continues to joke. They meant words Kharlamov on his high temperature. They say that health is not a joke. Celsius to degrees Fahrenheit. And this means that the temperature has been climbed up to the dividing with the number 43! In the end, the fans of Kharlamov were no longer sick and still be back in those cities in which he did not get.

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