Guf publicly confessed in love Keti Topuria

Keti Topuria and Guf

Famous Russian rapper Guf and soloist A’Studio Keti Topuria were originally good friends. However, some time after the divorce of the singer and her husband, the guys began to spend more and more time together. Fans began to follow the development of their relationship, as well as down the sympathy signs that Keti and Guf could show on social networks.

In the musician’s stories, footage shot in the same locations as the soloist of the pop group often appeared. A few hours ago, Alexei Dolmatov shot a video in the tattoo parlor. In this place he went with Keti. At first the young she does not see that the camera is aimed at her, and then, embarrassed, she smiles at the fans of the artist.

In further fragments it can be seen that Guf decided on another tattoo. Fans are wondering if this picture will be devoted to Kate.

Keti Topuria lit up in Guof’s microblogging

At the very Topuria in the stories appeared a video in which Guf drives. Keti watches, watches, and, when, he says something confused.

At the end of last year, Kate became a frequent guest in the country house of Guf, and in the winter they went on a joint vacation. "I often saw how they come by his car to our village Aprelevka," the neighbor of the rapper said. "They often spend their evenings together, but sometimes they have friendly parties." In the microblogging of the stars, the interior of Dolmatov’s house, including his cottage, which flanked in Phuket in Thailand, often flashed.

After parting with her husband, Kate stopped commenting on her personal life. However, in one of the conversations with the journalists, she hinted at the fact that she had a chosen one.

"But at some point there were so many questions that I realized – it’s better to make some comment. As for the interview on this topic, I would not like to develop it. God forbid, then someone with someone will see and think: "What, she is married?" admitted Keti.

Topuria supported Guf during difficult times. It was the singer who first congratulated the rapper on his victory in the battle with Ptakha, which took place in February in St. Petersburg. Petersburg.

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