How to become more concentrated

  • The first way is banal to indecency. If you make a report, try not to think about what to cook for dinner, where to go on vacation your best friend. Do not be tired of repeating: fashionable multitasking is the main enemy of literate time management. Always think only of the task that you are performing here and now (no matter how sad it is to admit, we all are far from Julius Caesar).
  • Can not you concentrate on a big project? Think about the Swiss cheese method. And no, we are not talking about the gastronomy in St. Petersburg. Moritz. The essence of this technique is that a large-scale project needs to be divided into many components, that is, every time you make new holes in your "cheese". Do not focus on micro-tasks, give each no more than 10 minutes: the brain will cease to be afraid of a thing that seemed unbearable, and you will gradually become involved.
  • Lack of proper concentration is not always a consequence of lack of discipline. Sometimes your role is played by banal stress: if you are incredibly tense and you are constantly worried about something, you can hardly expect a high-quality performance of the task. So first of all try to solve the problems that cause such problems. boldly get down to business. You’ll see, the result will be completely different!
  • Work on the quality of your attention. Are you going up the stairs? Count the number of steps – let’s say this thing, like, meaningless, to you, believe me, such a simple exercise in the future will give good results.

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