How to choose a palette and combine shades: 5 tips

What influences the choice of colors for the interior? Does style matter or is it more important to consider personal preferences? Professionals share the secrets of working with color.

“When choosing a color, first of all define the goals, then the main dominant shade. Then make a color combination that revolves around this shade, “recommends the Parisian architect, the author of educational programs Pascal Gravo.” My friend-conductor once remarked that for harmony one always has to deal with three string orchestras. So for us: the choice is not so much the main tone as the additional ones. “

How to choose a palette and combine shades: 5 tipsIf Damien Langlois-Merinn and adds vivid accents, then in his favorite blue tones.

Damien Langlois-Merinn: “It is important that the color in the interior is delicate, unobtrusive, leaving room for light and volume.”

How to choose a palette and combine shades: 5 tipsExhibition of the Dux brand during the Design Week in Stockholm. 2017. Scenography of Lotta Agathon.

Lotta Agaton: “The Northern peoples sing out fifty (!) Gradations of white color. You can play in shades, creating a complex coloristic scenario. Only one color. White is the color of an unattainable ideal. He can be alive and dead, warm and cold. It gives you limitless possibilities. It is not fair to believe that this is a color without shades. “

How to choose a palette and combine shades: 5 tips

Interior installation in the mansion of the auction house Artcurial. Paris. Jean-Louis Dayo.

Jean-Louis Dayo: “I try to use a palette of all shades of the earth, this scale seems to me both close to nature, and calming. My old hobby is the shades of gray: gray-green, pink-gray, gray-blue and so on. “

How to choose a palette and combine shades: 5 tipsThe ceiling of the drawing room captures the pictures of the cloudy sky. The painting repeats the decor of the carpet Helix, Gianfranco Ferrè by Sahrai. The author of the interior Gerard Fevr.

Gerard Fevre: “Being deeply convinced that life with color is more beautiful than without, I dare to fill my interiors with colors. However, I concentrate them more in accents, and I prefer the basis of restraint. “

How to choose a palette and combine shades: 5 tipsFragment of the living room in the design of the designer Laura Cyrus is a neutral range of furniture and decor combined with bright wall decoration.

Laura Kierar: “The choice of color for a house in nature depends on its location. In northern latitudes, green, brown, and gray-blue shades prevail. The same will be good in the interior – they will make it a continuation of nature. And somewhere in Mexico, where the iron-rich land has a red tinge, something brighter is appropriate. In the tissues there are juicy colors of tropical flowers and fruits: “fuchsia”, “orange”, “lime”. “

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