“I called her still in the stomach with Veronika, but the discussion is on”: Svetlana Zeynalova gave birth to a daughter

"I called her still in the stomach with Veronika, but the discussion is on": Svetlana Zeynalova gave birth to a daughterSvetlana Zeynalova became a mother for the second time

The owner of the most sincere smile of the First Channel, Svetlana Zeynalova, became mother for the second time. The presenter gave birth to a daughter in the early morning on Sunday, May 27, and on Tuesday she published a touching photograph in the instagram. Svetlana answered the questions of KP directly from the hospital.

– Svetlana, was Dmitry’s husband with you?

– Of course! Otherwise, it’s scary! The couple are going to do everything together, right? Together live, grow old together. So, we also do children together – we have such a principle.

– How did the husband endure childbirth?

– Did he fall into a swoon? No, he did not. I was afraid for him, shouted: “Come out!”. And he: “Yes, I can not stand in the corridor, here the most interesting thing is happening.” He sat with me all night. For him it was a strong emotional shock. I understand that this is for all men so, and everyone reacts in different ways. He was pierced to the very liver.

"I called her still in the stomach with Veronika, but the discussion is on": Svetlana Zeynalova gave birth to a daughter

Dear friends! In my life, a miracle happened, at 5.08! May 27, 2018. Mitka cried like all iron men who for the first time keep happiness wrapped in a simple flannel diaper … I wholeheartedly thank KG Lapino, his magnificent doctors, his beloved man and God for everything that he felt and lived. This was spectacular! I want to say a few words to THANKS Olga Nikolaevna Kurbatskaya, who treated me, endured, gave birth, persuaded and in every possible way saved. and all the staff of Lapino for the warm welcome and understanding-especially when I ran in panic along the corridors, screamed that I was afraid and demanded to stop the process)) I was not put in a psychiatric hospital, but just made happy! THANK YOU! # mommy # daughter # maternity home # give birth to the fun # delivery # lapino @ lapinomed # happiness # twicemama # to sleep a little whiskey

– Have you already identified your name?

– I called her in my stomach! Veronica. But now there is still a discussion. This is a strategic choice for life, each name has its own energy and fate. I believe in it. I think this name is suitable, and then we will see.

– How did you congratulate my sister Irada?

– She was just broadcasting. He says, “I have not gone to bed today, but now I will not go to bed at all.” For her, this too was an event. She is an adult and collected, but when such human pleasures occur, it is a holiday for her as a New Year. For every family, when a child is born, this is both great happiness and great excitement. You never know what kind of person you will have. It’s always such a step on faith. All parents want to believe that everything will be better in this person’s life than in yours – brighter, more interesting that he will be healthier than you. These experiences inspire great hopes and great love. The birth of a man is also a great courage. This is a big step forward.

– The oldest daughter of Alexander with Veronica already met?

– No, it’s still ahead.

– About the return to work already thought?

– I love my job and, of course, she beckons me back. But I do not want to guess, I will act on the fact. Now I need my child, so first of all I will give all my time to her. Fortunately, my colleagues and my leadership understand and support me.

– At you after all in “Good morning” the present baby-boom – two more leading in the decree.

– We are by chance! We have a very kind editor-in-chief Kirill Oleg Rybak (director of the directorate of the morning air of the First Channel.) – Ed.). Apparently, his kindness gives us confidence and confidence in our strength.


What is this maternity home?


Svetlana Zeynalova gave birth to a daughter in a clinical hospital in the Moscow region Lapino “Mother and Child”. This is a popular maternity hospital with our celebrities. Here the children of Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin, Andrei Malakhov, Ivan Urgant, Christina Asmus and Garik Kharlamov, Dmitry Dibrov and other stars were born. Chambers of an elite hospital look more like rooms of a fashionable hotel. But the main thing is doctors with an excellent reputation, experience in managing complex pregnancies. All departments are equipped with the most modern medical equipment. Standard birth in the clinic costs from 219 to 509 thousand rubles (depending on the doctor and the number of days in the hospital). The genera of the “luxury” class cost 780 thousand rubles (these included the examination of the child and mother after delivery).


Svetlana Zeynalova, despite her pregnancy, continues to work in the frame

Millions of Russians who start their day with the program “Good Morning” on Channel One often admire the courage of the leading ones, because live broadcasts they lead from the streets of Moscow, where there is rarely a comfortable weather. But despite the rains in autumn, the snow in the winter leading the morning transfer opens a new day. Moreover, even the pregnancy of Svetlana Zeynalova did not make her refuse to work on the street in January. So, today the future mother together with her colleague habitually opened the morning ether, where the star of the new series “Ikra” Daria Moroz was invited. A little later, the actress published in her instagram photo, which clearly shows that Zeynalova is in an interesting position (details)

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