Igor Krutoy lost 20 kg due to diabetes

Igor Krutoy lost 20 kg due to diabetesIgor Krutoy

Rumors that the maestro has health problems appeared several years ago. And in the winter of 2017, under cover of secrecy, Igor Yakovlevich underwent surgery and a course of rehabilitation in America. It was after this that there was talk that Krutoy supposedly had cancer. He preferred not to comment on his condition, but continued to lose weight rapidly. As we managed to find out "StarHitu", the musician is not at all oncology, but diabetes, with which he lives for several years.

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"Igor Yakovlevich has always been slim, but lately he has lost another 15 kilograms," StarHit was told in the environment of Krutoy. – Of course, everyone is very worried, support him. Anything was fiction about the diagnosis, but, thank God, he does not have any cancer. And weight loss is associated with a strict diet prescribed by specialists, which he carefully adheres to. Sometimes it seems that Igor Yakovlevich does not eat anything at all! And with all this while also actively engaged in sports. Loves big tennis, respects the treadmill and walks in the fresh air. "

Igor Krutoy lost 20 kg due to diabetes

Igor Krutoy together with his wife // Photo: social networks

The diet of the 63-year-old composer is dominated by plant foods, fruits and vegetables, meat and fish, steamed. Steep refused to roast, spicy, fat, and almost completely excluded the sweet. Although, according to the spouse, he used to like to treat himself to harmful food. In one of the interviews, he boasted that Olga was cooking amazingly, and especially she was able to mutton. However, she did not have to part with it.

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