In the Odessa Gorky Park a cafe burned down

The stability of the tragedy: Odessa residents do not forget about the dead May 2 (PHOTO) – 05:07 Pour Donbass blood: During the offensive, the strike fist of the armed forces will be 100 000 – 06:35 Aircraft army helicopters ВВО made 30 sorties to assist in – 07:21 ” This is a retaliatory strike »: Trump made accusations against Putin – 07:55 Nikita Turchin named favorable dates for getting married – 08:21

In the Odessa Gorky Park a cafe burned down

In the Odessa Gorky Park a cafe burned down

In the Odessa Gorky Park a cafe burned down

Earlier, the Department of Emergency Situations discovered 15 thousand violations during fire safety inspections.

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