In Ukraine, the vandals were destroyed the monument to the Unknown Soldier

Law enforcement authorities of Volyn in Ukraine opened a criminal case against vandals who had erected the monument to the Unknown Soldier, installed in Kovel.

On the way out of Volhynia stands a monument to the Red Army man. It it was discovered that the monument has no head. In addition, they doused the memorial plate with paint. Upon the fact of deliberate damage to property, the investigators "Deliberate destruction or damage to property".

Perhaps this is the work of the hands, banned organizations in Russia, "Right sector"* and C14 * ("Sich"). Earlier, members of the factions have destroyed several monuments to the Soviet soldiers.

* – The activity of the organization is prohibited in the territory of the Russian Federation by a decision of the Supreme Court

Vadim Sempai – Correspondent of RIA VistaNews

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