“It’s not worth the nerves”: Stesha Malikova speaks about school and exams

"It's not worth the nerves": Stesha Malikova speaks about school and exams

Stesha Malikova / photo: instagram.com

Daughter Dmitry Malikov today congratulated the graduates with the beginning of adult life. Stephanie is also much more interesting than in school.

Recently in schools rang the last call. Now the students are preparing for exams and applying to universities. So, this year graduated from high school the son of Anastasia Zavorotnyuk, the eldest daughter Tatiana Navka and the eldest son of Anna Mikhalkova. Today, with the entry into adulthood of all graduates, decided to congratulate the daughter of Dmitry Malikov Stefania. It also showed archival photos of his graduation.

“A lovely school time, which I do not.” The study is much more interesting. that it’s not worth the nerves … “- she wrote on the social network. Subscribers began to tell Stesha about their experiences and tedious exam preparation.

We will remind that last year. She got the highest scores on the exams, and the summer was about his admission. However, she still managed to enroll at MGIMO, as she wanted. She was granted that went abroad for a vacation with his father. Fans were still angry due to the fact that Stephanie was able to go with low scores in a prestigious University. It is worth noting that the girl is often criticized for different reasons.

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