Julia Nachalova told about unsuccessful plastic surgery

Julia Nachalova told about unsuccessful plastic surgeryJulia Nachalova / photo: globallook.com

Singer Julia Nachalova recently became the heroine of transfer “Stars aligned”. Singer said that once she became ill during the flight, due to poor quality of the work of the surgeon.

37-year-old Yulia Nachalova has several years of suffering from gout. For this reason, she is forced to hide his hands that are covered with cones. Still sometimes the singer publishes the images, which you can see. Artist misses no opportunity to boast of your figure in a swimsuit, but few people know that she was left to the services of a plastic surgeon. Recently, the star has become the heroine of the transfer “Stars aligned” and told about unsuccessful plastic.

Julia admitted that he underwent surgery for correction of the breast in America. After it has been worked by surgeons, it is still a few months left in the country. Soon the singer felt discomfort in the bust area, but the doctors calmed her down, assuring that each organism reacts individually to these changes. Nachalova listened to them and dared to return to Russia, but during the flight she became ill. When she reached the toilet, then in the mirror saw the unflattering picture. “All bleeding”, – explained the artist. It turned out that her stitches are bleeding.

Julia Nachalova told about unsuccessful plastic surgery

Julia Nachalova / Photo frame from transmission

Julia did not have time to land. In the clinic she came from a very high temperature. According to Nachalovo, the first time she “cut something”. The singer has had to sue the clinic. As compensation they are offered to Julia and all her family members to use their services for free. It is worth noting that clients of the clinic were world stars.

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