London Airport celebrated Star Wars Day

The passengers were surprised by the changes.

On the scoreboard of Heathrow the flights appeared new directions to the distant space: Tatooine, Giacca, Endor and Hot. The flight to Alderaan was canceled for the known to the fans of Star Wars (the planet was destroyed by the Death Star), and the flight to Kessel was marked as ultra short: "Now closer than 12 parsecs." The airport is also available. The Star Wars Day is celebrated around the world on May 4, and it’s no coincidence: the English of the date "May, the fourth" is consonant with the beginning of "May the force be with you"(" May force be with you ") from the movie theater.

Remote stand for this guest. I’ll leave the droid outside until I see some ID @HeathrowAirport # MayThe4thBeWithYou

– Jonathan Hillyer (@Junipah) May 4, 2018

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