Megan Markle and Prince Harry returned the wedding gifts worth $ 9 million

Megan Markle and Prince Harry returned the wedding gifts worth $ 9 millionPrince Harry and Megan Markle / photo:

Even before the wedding, Prince Harry and his chosen one announced that all guests could donate gifts to the charity fund instead of gifts. However, some people still gave presents to the newlyweds, who had to return those.

Recently, the magnificent royal wedding of Prince Harry and Megan Markle took place. Almost the whole world watched as lovers swear to each other in fidelity and eternal love. Particular attention was paid to the bride’s dress, since she hid to the last who was his designer. As a result, a laconic image for the prince’s chosen one was created by the director of the fashion house Givenchy Claire Waite Keller.

Even before the ceremony, lovers sent out invitations to all guests, where it was indicated in which dresses they should come to the celebration, and also that the newlyweds refused gifts. They insisted that instead of them all be donated to a charitable foundation and even attached a list with organizations that specialize in protecting the environment, helping people from poor families, and also in the study on the treatment of AIDS. Nevertheless, some guests presented expensive gifts to their spouses, which they had to return back, according to the press service of Kensington Palace. According to some reports, the total amount of all the presents was 7 million pounds sterling, which is more than 9 million dollars.

Very soon Prince Harry and Megan will go on a honeymoon. It is already known that for recreation they chose an unusual place – a hotel on the shore of Lake Bovert, in Canada. Then the Duchess of Sussex will have to start training. Queen Elizabeth II insisted that she learn the rules of etiquette, since she has to visit many social events. The success of Megan will be followed by the strict adviser to Queen Samantha Cohen.

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