New York opens a new park from the creators of High Line

Lucky for those who plan to come to New York this year: they will be the first to get into the new Domino Park. It will be located on the bank of the East River in Williamsburg and will be divided into three areas – a large sports field, a park and the embankment. James Corner Field Operations; one of the Brooklyn residents to the coastal zone.

Noteworthy is the fact that it is James Corner Field responsible for, perhaps, the most unusual park in New York – High Line. This park is located ten meters above the ground on the site of the former railway. Walking along the High Line is one of the things to do in New York for the first time (along with walks along the Brooklyn Bridge or Central Park).

The current status of the park, the opening is scheduled for June 2018

Render: Two Trees Management

Render: Two Trees Management

The park will be located on the territory of the former refinery. Particularly remarkable elements of it will be preserved: for example, 178-meter taps and large reservoirs containing sugar syrup. Plus, it is planned to conduct hiking tours, telling about the sugar trade in New York, which has more than a century of history.

From the quay, which stretches for 400 meters along the East River, will open a panoramic view of Manhattan. The park will stretch from Second South Street (South 2nd Street) to Grand Street. It will have a Japanese pine garden, a picnic area, a food court and a beach with shaded lawns and sun loungers.

In Domino Park there will also be a separate space you can just meet friends and sit with a view of the river; In addition, they will equip playgrounds for volleyball and petanque, dog walking, and a field of 500 square meters for various sports games. The former factory itself will become an important part of the project: inside there will be offices, public spaces and coworking.

Plan of the future park

Render: Two Trees Management

Render: Two Trees Management

Render: Two Trees Management

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