Olga Buzova parodied to Anastasia Kostenko

Fans once again vigorously discuss Olga’s act

Model Anastasia Kostenko, who became the wife of Dmitry Tarasov in January this year, regularly shares with the web users with touching pictures with a Labrador puppy. The couple decided to name the new member of their family Tara.

"This miracle has been living with us for two weeks already. She’s still quite a baby, but managed to charm everyone! So far, from the skills and habits has caresses, speed, appetite, the desire to play and bite the toys! Adaptedly, no longer whining, "Anastasia shared on her personal page in Instagram this spring.

Then ex-wife of Tarasova Olga Buzova on one of the pages in social networks commented on the pictures of Kostenko. The TV anchorman stated that she wanted to get such a puppy.

"This is the bottom": Olga Buzova publicly humiliated Anastasia Kostenko

And on the eve Olga published ambiguous cadres in Instagram. In the photo and video, she holds in her hands exactly the same Labrador as Anastasia and Dmitry. The singer even repeated Kostenko’s poses in the pictures. Users of the Network appreciated the humor of Olga.

Anastasia regularly tells the fans how things are with her pet

The similarity of Olga’s and Anastasia’s dogs is obvious // Photo: Instagram

Earlier in an interview Olga Buzova spoke about the new wife of Dmitry Tarasov. The star called her "some woman from Rostov."

Note that the divorce from the football player became a test for the TV presenter. Over the long period of time, Olga did not want to meet with representatives of the opposite sex was disappointed in the peasants.

According to Buzovoy, the applicant for her heart will will have to do a great job. The TV presenter emphasizes that it is difficult for her to learn.

"Of course, there was a difficult period when psychologists worked with me. But in fact, more helped by family and friends, who were enveloped in warmth and did not leave unattended for a second. I did not hide emotions and honestly told the fans about their troubles, because I knew how worried they were. I want to express my gratitude to them for their support, "Olga told the StarHit.

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